5th May 2009 Team Green meeting

Presents: Simon Williams, Sophie , Claudia , Katharina , Olivia , Florence

Apologise: Carol, Larissa


We have an attendance problem. Sophie suggests it is because people do not know what we do.

What we have already done:

–        Earth Hour Campaign in MAC

–        Last year we did the Paper4Trees campaign and we won 20 trees. Don has the order form to choose the plants. Simon suggests that we liaise with him to be part of it. Also we should re-launch the paper recycling in the school. Simon will provide the crates (50 rooms). We need to make posters, advertise it in assembly, and make sure that the collection of paper works well… Simon suggests that we use a thinking approach to our campaign not a directive one. We should not say “Do this, do that”, we should say “If you don’t recycle paper, what are the consequences?” so that people decide to do it themselves.

–        Worm farms… Poster for staffroom has been done.


The Get Real street show http://www.getreal.org.nz/ was more attended at Primary school than at MAC. People who saw it found it really cool.


Simon talks about the Re-generation National tour, Mid-June in Wanaka, to celebrate success and create links for starting new actions. There will be a map of local competences and a time line of actions, every person will have 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their action. Date and venue to confirm


After the meeting, Molly who has been attending a motivating 3-days workshop in Wellington came to say she really wants to join but can’t because on Tuesdays, all OP students are away. We need to try to find another day…



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