First meetings minutes

31st March 2009-04-29 Sustainability Club

Present: Sophie , Lucia , Katharina , Olivia , Megan , Carol&Florence

Paper 4 Trees: They wrote to us with an order form to get the trees we have earned. Florence to follow up

Worm Farm… Carol to follow up

Mufty Day for Green or recycling, with a prize for the best dressed

We need more people…



7th April 2009

Guest speaker Simon Williams,

Presents: Chloe , Sophie , Carol, Larissa , xxx

Apologize: Florence


Simon introduced his role through Wastebusters working with schools. Emphasis on fun stuff because it’s lunchtime. Simon has ideas and he wants to hear from students.


There is a worm farm in the staff yard. The difference is tiger worms eat food scraps.

How do we separate and collect?

Sophie and Chloe to talk to food tech Mrs Brooks

Sophie and Larissa to talk to Janet Malloch


How are we going to do stuff that makes money?


Simon introduces GET REAL website, a site to help reduce plastic bags in Wanaka

We could have a campaign site with a laptop sitting at the top of a wheelie bin. It is visual and contributes to a national project.


Sustainable project:

Re-usable coffee cups – whole town

Mini website/blog

Promotional poster

Selling them

We can have plenty of Eco-bulbs: Use them as an incentive to sign-up


We brainstormed for a name and among  enviro group, team green, save earth, Help earth, we chose Team Green.


Our first Mission:  Get Real + Eco Bulbs

Gwilliam at Wastebusters


Education For Sustainability:


Fundraiser: Worms for Sale $50 /kg


Minutes by Carol

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