Term 3 Week 1 meeting minutes

Great attendance!

Outlook for someday sustainability film challenge leaflets distributed. Some students did it in the past, might do it, on their own time. www.theoutlookforsomeday.net

We recapitulated on the 3 projects we designed during the ReGeneration Workshop:

  • Pay it Forward
  • Community Garden
  • Recycling Bins

The later is the easiest, so lets start here. We launch a competition for students to design the signs to put on:

  • paper crates
  • recycling bins

Bring your A4 design with name and Year level to the library by 26th August.
Cool Prizes + Have your design published 

Action plan

  • Prizes: Larissa to ask the cinema for free tickets (if we can’t get any for free, maybe the club can pay for them) + everybody to go and find prizes and bring next week.
  • Nina writes the text (forwards to Florence) and give to Mrs Sherson for publication in next newsletter by Tuesday
  • Claudia will design the poster with the words, to be ready for next meeting so we can print and distribute for display
  • Florence wil put the text on the blog
  • Next week, we will write the notices for the duration of the competition, we will prepare an entry for the competition in the assembly.

To progress on the waste survey aisle, Nia will do a map of the existing bins.


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