350 Action plan

Well attended meeting and Simon visits us, thanks guys 🙂tree planting (clipart)

Carol has announced our 350 plan to the teachers yesterday and it was well received.

We need to register on 350.org and 350.org.nz ~ Molly will.

We realise that because of the holidays, we in fact have two weeks left! Simon invites us to be clear about “What to plant” and “where to plant” and of course these are linked. we decide to invite Don -the caretaker- to attend our next meeting and we will visit the place with him.

Local nursery will be asked for trees and we can offer advertising on our blog in thanks to their sponsorship ~ by students as decided in meeting.

To ask for Donations from parents, we need to write a text in the college’s newsletter ~ Carol could you do that?

We will need to invite the press: Wanaka Sun, ODT, The Infos, Southland times ~who?

Florence M. will contact Te Kakano and Wastebusters to follow up on the help they kindly offered. Inviting them to next meeting too.

Last but not least, we talked about our blog, this blog 😉 Anyone can leave comments and several students want to contribute, so they have been invited. Looking forward to all your contributions.

Florence M.


2 comments on “350 Action plan

  1. I have a couple of questions,
    Florence do we have a specific email address that is being used for team green, because i need one to register for 350. It would just be for them to contact us if needed. For now i’ll just use mine. We can change it later if needed im sure.
    Also do we have a name for our action? I think ill go with something like Mac Team Green Tree Planting Project… Does that sound okay? I’m sure that can be changed too.
    Oh and here’s the link to our 350 page… http://www.350.org/macteamgreen

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