350 on the ski field at Treble Cone Wanaka Wednesday 30th September 10.30

350Treble Cone ~ July 09 (c)Alexis Poilvert Treble Cone action!

Help us make a giant 350 in the snow!

 Our government seems happy to accept a rise in CO2 up to 450ppm which could lead to a 2° rise in global temperatures putting our winters at risk and pushing the snow line upwards. Because we love snow in Wanaka we thought a fitting place for action was Treble Cone Ski Field. We are going to make a giant human stencil of the number 350 in the main basin.

This amazing image will show the world what climate change could mean for us. This is a great opportunity to tell our leaders that you care about our planet and our place and want to see a climate treaty that will take us back to 350 parts per million. Be in the main basin at Treble Cone at 10:30am on Wednesday 30th September. Volunteers will be at the top and bottom of the lift directing you where to go. You won’t miss the big 350 stencil as you ride the six. If the weather is nasty we’ll have to postpone to the next bluebird day, listen to Radio Wanaka or call the TC snow report on 443 7444 Wednesday 30th September.

Big thanks to Tim, Rosco and the TC crew for helping us get this organised.


One comment on “350 on the ski field at Treble Cone Wanaka Wednesday 30th September 10.30

  1. I was there and had brought 6 persons with me! And it has been postponed! And the next day was working day so we missed it! 😦 But I saw the pict, it looks good without us! Well done guys, 350 looks good on the snow!

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