350 at MAC

We had another meeting yesterday. We’ll are greatful to have received support from the  Wanaka Garden Club: trees and compost donations and help for the day.

Task list


  • Call for donations to parents (with list of species wanted) published in MAC Newsletter 15th Oct 2009
  • Te Kakano: Carol to send letter – Florence to contact Andrew P. to confirm their involvement – Confirmed.
  • Nook nursery: Carol confirmed their support
  • Mitre 10 – Samantha
  • John May: Al confirmed his support – Sherryl suggests we make a detailed list of what we want.

Contacting the Press:

  • The News, Lucy Ibbotson – by Florence
  • Wanaka Sun – by Sherryl (Wanaka Garden Club)
  • Mirror – by Florence 

Contacting Andrew Miller for the photo – by  Florence, Done

 Day preparation

  • Donated trees to be gathered behind the library.
  • Named tools to be gathered near Don’s tool shed.
  • Mary (Student in the Community) contacted for “experts” support and lending tools.
  • Putting pegs to show planting areas – Don
  • List of tasks to give to whanau teachers – Carol, with Sophie and Simon’s help
  • 350 banner: Mac team green member will paint it on a white sheet next Thursday. Molly to bring Paint, Florence to buy more paint and bring the white sheet, Larissa will bring brushes from the Art dpt.

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