Green Christmas

Green Santa (clipart)Make a difference for Christmas! You can choose to buy plastic or trinkets OR to give your money to organic, fair trade or other “sustainable” organisations. Here are some ideas:

Maruia New Zealand Nature catalogue: bamboo, silk, possum or merino clothes, organic body care products, wooden games and solar and LED devices, NZ nature cards, calendars and books…

Oxfam Unwrapped: You can offers goats, garden tools, mosquito nets, midwifery training and much more to help people help themselves out of poverty. Choose your gift online, receive a card to offer to your friend, and Oxfam use your gift where it is most needed.

Good Books is an online bookstore with a conscience! Not only the selection of music and books is mind-opening, environmentally friendly or gives a voice to third-world people, but also every time you buy a book from Goodbooks, you contribute to Oxfam to help fight its global battle against poverty and social injustice.

Here in Wanaka, you can find beautiful gifts at the Department of Conservation Office, or clever, New-Zealand-made, wooden games from Puzzling World.

Or you could offer or ask for a subscription to Kiwi Conservation Club Magazine, Organic NZ, New Zealand Geographic, Forest&Birds or Pacific Ecologist.

Be a shopping activist!

Add your suggestions for everyone to enjoy in comments below please!

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