Bursting with ideas

The first meeting of term 3 welcome a new valuable member. We’ll be busy this term…

TheOutlookForSomeday Challenge

We have ideas, tools, actors and skills for creating one or even two films… Lets think about a story and discuss it further next week…

350 Event

350 NZ for schools organise an action day on Thursday 23rd Sept 2010 and Sustainable Dunedin City organises the big green challenge on the 10/10/1010, the last day of the spring holidays.

Last year we planted trees and it was a Grand event, with everyone in the college involved. This year, we want another great event… We’ve have been talking for several years about having gardens. And this year, some students have been building one raised-bed.

It would be great if we had four raised beds, one per House and we could have a House Competition for the nicest garden.

It would also allow us to have compost bins and worm farms and to campaign next year on recycling food… It all links nicely!

Our group could buy 1 raised bed, we could ask for money to get another one and/or asking for sponsorship for a watering system…

On the event day, each whanau would have to bring and plant two or three veges or garden plant. Sounds feasible.

We decide to meet twice a week to reach our goals: Wednesdays lunchtime and Thursdays lunchtime in the library.


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