Be a leader of change

Last year, Team Green members successfully implemented a school-wide paper recycling habit. Creating the possibility (i.e. Green boxes) and informing the school students and staff, and repeating, repeating… Result: Hardly no paper in “normal bins” ; Result 2: our school has won and planted more than 25 trees. Well done to all for your participation. Effort? Not a big effort, is it?

This year, we want to tackle organic waste recycling, that is food thrown away in normal bins.

We will campaign to reduce food waste, we will install compost bins, worm farms and teach everybody in the school how to use them. 
Expected results: delicious compost for the school edible gardens, less waste, raised awareness, etc…

But first, we are going to attend “Regeneration“, a full day of workshops, skills and action planning for global and local issues, leadership, values and generosity, social change and climate change.

You too can be a leader of change.
Join us every Thursday lunchtime in the library.


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