Food Waste Recycling

We are proposing a food waste recycling system. Eventually we would like the whole school to take part, but first we want to trial it with the year 7/8 classes first.

We will supply an empty paint bucket with a lid and handle for every class to use as a bin. These will have to be emptied every one or two days – as it will start to smell – in the compost bins that will be placed near the gardens. When the bucket gets emptied, they also need a quick wash out.

We thought that we could have a competition. Every 2-3 weeks we would award lollys to the class that, by our standards, has the best looked after bin. We will monitor this by spot checks and by asking the teachers their opinions.

We will make a poster for what can go in it and what can’t and talk at Year Level to explain it to the students.


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