Solar Panels at MAC

We had the idea and dream of solar panels at MAC for a few years. To explore the idea further, we met Mark Ayre on the 17 September 2014 to understand better and ask questions. Mark lives off the grid near Hawea Flat. He showed us his solar powered – with battery- mobile phone. 

Central Otago is one of the best place in the country in sunshine hours making solar panels a good choice.

Photovoltaic solar panels provide 12 DC electricity from the sun. A converter transforms this power in AC 240 and adds it into the grid. 

This solution is very efficient for a school as our peak electricity usage (that is during school)  is during sunshine hours. Also during the holidays, the excess production can be sold into the grid, earning us money.


We presented our project to the Board of Trustees who generously agreed to finance some solar panels.

In 2015, we investigated the college roofs with a local solar panel installer and decided to wait for the new buildings. These building are being built in 2016 so our solar panels will be installed hopefully soon. We keep an eye out for them!


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