Mt Aspiring College is now a Fair Trade school

Mount Aspiring College has become a Fair Trade School as of June 2016.  The idea to aim for fair trade status initially came from one of the school’s teachers, Petrina Duncan, after organising a successful Oxfam Morning Tea for staff to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in May 2015.  During the next year, Ms Duncan and the school’s environmental group Team Green worked towards meeting all the criteria for fair trade status.  By May 2016, the staffroom was stocked with fair trade tea, coffee and sugar, the canteen staff were using fair trade sugar in all their baking, and a very popular fair trade bake sale was held to raise awareness.
Photo (c) Andrew Sloan

MAC students (PDU) posing with the Fair Trade sign created by Team Green students. Photo (c) Andrew Sloan

The school will continue to support and promote Fair Trade because this scheme has the potential to lift millions of people out of poverty, improving their ability to work, eat, earn a decent wage and provide education for their children.  Buying fair trade products is one small step that everyone can take to improve the lives of others, making the world a fairer place.


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