Sustainability at MAC: 12 years ago

In 2006 at MAC, a “Sustainability theme week” was organised for all Year 7 to 11. A range of activities was offered for students to choose from. Here is the 2006 MAC Newsletter reporting on Sustainable Week.


There were lots of hands on workshops including: Flax weaving, Knitting and Recycled card making;

There was a visit to Wastebusters, followed by a college Waste Audit;

A visit to the local Biodynamic winery Rippon was followed by creating a Worm farm for our staff room;

A bus was organised to a local conservation area to explore Plants and Biodiversity, learn about pests of the area, with a bush walk in the afternoon. Followed by a day to identify and count plants around the school, label them, plant some Olearia hectorii;

A House tour was organised to look at local eco houses and discuss energy conservation, then students looked at the energy consumption of the school and make signs to make people aware to conserve energy;

There was a Talk on Marine Reserves followed by a fishing outing;

There was an Intro to alternative fuel, showing of the Cool Fuel Video, demonstration of a Hybrid car and making biodiesel;

Student could choose to cook with local and “sustainable” ingredient, and calculate food kilometers;

There was a Debate on the environmental issues in our area;

There was video making, a children’s book made with amazing art, lots of posters…

The last day was a celebration and showcase of posters, an eco-living funny play, a recycled orchestra concert, a wearable art fashion show…

Everyone had great fun and talked about it years later!


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