Solar Panels Data

If you are interested in power figures and graphs for the solar panels on the roof of the North Block, have a look here: . That link has to be accessed on the school network though, it won’t work from home! … Continue reading

Solar Panels at MAC

We had the idea and dream of solar panels at MAC for a few years. To explore the idea further, we met Mark Ayre on the 17 September 2014 to understand better and ask questions. Mark lives off the grid near … Continue reading

2016 plans

Our meetings have resumed Thursdays lunchtimes in the library. Our projects this year: Solar Panels – keep an eye as the building as get built Earth Hour – Officially 19th March, we’ll do it every last Friday of every month … Continue reading

Welcome to 2015!

We now meet on Thursdays lunchtimes in the library. The Board of Trustees has granted $6.500 for the installation of MAC first solar panels and our task is to make this happen. It’s fantastic and exciting. We have grouped our … Continue reading