MAC Strike 4 Climate Action

At meeting today, it was decided that Team Green students organize the Schools Strike for Climate here in Wanaka on Friday 15th March. It is a worldwide event led by students to ask for climate action.

  • We are striking to improve our future, or people in future generations may not have grass, plants, clean air…
  • We are striking because climate change is such a big problem, we need to take action now.
  • We are asking politicians to hear us out and to consider the chance of change.
  • We are asking when the college will stop using coal.

Team Green is organizing a march, we’ll meet at 1.20pm on Friday 15th March in front of the college and walk down to the town centre and the lake front. We think education is hugely important but we will voluntarily not attend period 5 as we strike to take action for climate change. We’ll walk up back to the college at 2.45pm to be on time to catch buses.

Mr Bosley, Mount Aspiring College Principal, has agreed for the event to take place and students to participate as long as their parents/caretakers give them authorization. A letter and form has been sent to all parents and must be completed before participating in the event.Wanaka Climate March Thierry Huet


Future Fiction

I’ll prepare a bunch of enviro-friendly novels for next meeting. Not only these books relate to us but they also provide a useful insight into various aspects of being environmentally aware.

To add to the list in the article below:

  • Conrad Cooper’s Last Stand, by Leonie Agnew;
  • Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson and fifty degrees below;
  • And several Carl Hiaassen hilarious books Flush, Bad Monkey, or Hoot.

Please leave a comment to add similar books you know.

Florence's journal

It is not Sci-Fi, yet it is fiction with a future focus. It is fiction that expresses what could happen with the global change our world is experiencing, in various ways and perspectives. The genre “eco-thriller” is on the rise and it is as exciting as crime, adventure or detective stories. Plus, it could turn out true!

Teenage reads

Carbon Diaries, Sacy Lloyd

2015. Britain governement implements a carbon card to ration it. You take a car? You use up some of your monthly allowance. You light up your fan? You use up more carbon points, and they disappear far quicker than you would expect. Laura is a normal urban teenager who loves music and tries to live a normal life. Everybody will adapt differently to this new situation. Then disaster strikes… Laura tells about it all in her diary, in a realistic and witty style. Award-winning series.

Empty, by Susan Weyn

In a town…

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We pledge…

At the occasion of the World Enviro Day quizz, we invited each whanau to pledge for an action for the environment. The results are lovely:

  • We are going to plant a whanau apple tree and care for it in our whanau for the next years
  • Each of us pledge that we will not create any waste during whanau
  • Each of us commits to turn off lights when they are not needed for the rest of our college lives. Starting new habits, we can continue on for the rest of our lives.
  • We are all committed to recycling all materials that are able to recycleMac Team Green Round logo
  • Walk to school
  • Commit to paper recycling : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Yeah IBN Green Gangstas
  • We will look after the courtyard outside our whanau room in an attempt to reduce the litter at MAC
  • We commit to switching off appliances to reduce standby power
  • We will all take shorter showers
  • We commit to reduce our electricity usage by switching all appliances off
  • Each of us commits to pick up one piece of rubbish each day and put it in bin, for all college life
  • Our pledge is to plant 1 tree for every whanau member & video footage
  • PWL may be gold but we are keen to turn our gold into lots more green → Bike, walk, switch off lights, go with Team green to make things right
  • Switch off lights when not needed & care for plants and animals

We will follow up on these… These actions can really make a difference, specially on a large scale and long term…

We, as Team Green, pledged to help each whanau plant a tree, our next action 😉

World Enviro Day Competition

In term 2, we have been busy organizing an awareness-raising event, at the occasion of the World Enviro day. We created a 20 questions quiz and gave it to our 44 whanaus. On the last page, the groups were invited to write a pledge. 16 groups participated and earned points for their house. The results are:


Sustainable Christmas

Christmas can be a time of giving and celebrating, without creating more waste for the planet and the atmosphere to deal with …

Here is a selection of websites with great ideas:

Thanks to Jenny, our regional enviroschools coordinator for compiling this list.