Monthly Earth Hour

Earth Hour poster

Every last Friday of the month during period 5 is MAC Earth Hour.
Please make sure to turn off the lights and unnecessary equipment. We will go around the classes to remind you!
We have watched the college energy counter slow down during Earth Hour and calculated that we save $20 each time. The money saved goes towards more solar panels.
More solar panels, more savings…
And it helps the planet too!

International Earth Hour!

MAC Earth Hour will be tomorrow period 5. Please turn off all unnecessary lights and electric devices. Team Green members will go around the school and switch off the lights at the start of the period.
This Earth Hour is important as it is the International Earth Hour on Saturday from 8.30 to 9.30pm so it is the occasion to make a difference globally


Recycling at MAC

2017 Recycling presentation

2017 Recycling presentation (1)

2017 Recycling presentation (2)

Please empty the classroom red crates into the yellow recycling bins on the campus.

2017 Recycling presentation (3)

  • Paper (must be clean)
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Empty glass bottles
  • Empty  plastic containers with a number on the base (1-7)
  • Aluminium cans and clean tin cans

Basically recycling is dry and clean.

2017 Recycling presentation (4)

These can’t be recycled:

  • Food scraps
  • Glad wrap
  • Tin foil & foil bags
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Yogurt pottles
  • Empty drink boxes (eg. Up and Go)
  • Plastic bags
  • Noodle & soup containers
  • Milkshake and hot chip cups
  • Used tissues, canteen napkins
  • Straws

So all these go in the grey or blue rubbish bins.

2017 Recycling presentation (5)

This is what we currently find in the recycling bins: dirty plastic glass, straws, gladwrap, dirty paper… we can do better! Please stop putting rubbish in the recycling! 2017 Recycling presentation (6)

Only pigs litter. It’s disgusting! So put your rubbish in your lunchbox, pocket or bin near you, or you are a pig.

2017 Recycling presentation (7)

Litter flies, litter floats, litter kills.

An estimated 100 000 marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year around the world. And approximately 1 million sea birds also die from plastic!

So please don’t litter!


2017 Recycling presentation (8)

Recycling saves money, is respectful and saves the environment.

So pick up your rubbish and recycle. Thank you!

Mt Aspiring College is now a Fair Trade school

Mount Aspiring College has become a Fair Trade School as of June 2016.  The idea to aim for fair trade status initially came from one of the school’s teachers, Petrina Duncan, after organising a successful Oxfam Morning Tea for staff to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in May 2015.  During the next year, Ms Duncan and the school’s environmental group Team Green worked towards meeting all the criteria for fair trade status.  By May 2016, the staffroom was stocked with fair trade tea, coffee and sugar, the canteen staff were using fair trade sugar in all their baking, and a very popular fair trade bake sale was held to raise awareness.
Photo (c) Andrew Sloan

MAC students (PDU) posing with the Fair Trade sign created by Team Green students. Photo (c) Andrew Sloan

The school will continue to support and promote Fair Trade because this scheme has the potential to lift millions of people out of poverty, improving their ability to work, eat, earn a decent wage and provide education for their children.  Buying fair trade products is one small step that everyone can take to improve the lives of others, making the world a fairer place.

Recycling to another level!

Recycling_signThe school fills in a full skip each week which costs $80 to empty + the weight of rubbish!
75% comes from classrooms, the rest from the wheelie bins.

The idea is to remove the recycling from the skip.

Some large red  bins with a clear sign RECYCLE have been placed in many classes and soon in all of them. It is the teacher’s responsibility to send students to empty them behind the library when full (dispatched in the right bins). So far, it is done well.
There are currently 26 green rubbish bins and only 5 yellow recycling bins.
We suggest that all bins go in pairs. So we need more yellow ones, possibly smaller ones, but they need a lid. We’ll ask the college management if we can get 10 more and we will try and find sponsors for more.

Team Green will promote recycling in the college.

Creating visuals (photos, videos?), talking in assembly, in year levels, making posters, in the newsletter…

If we divert a third of rubbish to the recycling, we’ll save $2100 per year.

Earth Hour savings

Earth_Hour__result_Last Friday Team Green ran an Earth hour during period six in which all unnecessary electronic devices were (supposedly) turned off. This is part of the attempt to hold an earth hour on the last Friday of every month to conserve energy and cut down the schools power use. During this hour the average electricity consumption fell from 4.8 KW to 2.38 KW.

More Earth hours will be held on the last Friday of every month for the rest of the school year in order to raise awareness on the issue of energy use.

Earth Hour results

On Friday 27th March at 2.15pm when the bell announced the end of lunchtime, a group of students went around school and reminded everyone to switch off lights and other electric appliances.

We have been recording the kW consumption with an electricity monitor for a week before and after the event in one block of the college. The blue line is the average consumption during the week, around 3.88 kW.

The green line is the kW consumption during the Earth Hour, averaging 1.50kW.

2015 Earth Hour monitoring

We have calculated that it saves about $20.

We propose to organise Earth Hour once a month, on the last Friday of each month.

The next Earth Hour will be on the 29th May.

Welcome to 2015!

We now meet on Thursdays lunchtimes in the library.

The Board of Trustees has granted $6.500 for the installation of MAC first solar panels and our task is to make this happen. It’s fantastic and exciting.

We have grouped our activities in three streams:

  • Energy group is be in charge of implementing the solar panels project, as well as continuing Earth Hour and energy savings campaigns
  • The Recycling group big idea this year (thank you Max!) is to organise a recycling art competition, as well as continuing Paper recycling and Keep MAC Beautiful campaigns.
  • The House Competition group is preparing a special day in the year with a house competition, a quiz, mufti day etc…

A big year for our growing Team!