Climate Action Poster Competition

Team Green is organising a Climate Action poster competition for Year 7 and 8 students, in group or individually.

Each poster must:
1- show actual action that each of us can take for the climate
2- being beautiful and effective

We have put lots of examples of what each of us can do for the climate in the notices throughout the year.
To Win: 
– swimming pool vouchers,
ice-cream vouchers and
– fairtrade chocolate blocks
Deadline: Wednesday 13th November (bring your poster to the library)
Winners will be announced in Year Levels the following week.

Team Green Focus Week

  • image$100 raised at the Fair trade bake sale go to the Solar Panel fund.
  • 12 students came and watch the Film Before the Flood first part
  • 4 articles in the local medias about Team Green
  • 10 students came at lunchtime Friday to plant 16 trees
  • 32 Whanau participated and returned the quiz.

Central Otago NewsAnd so the last house competition results are:

  • 1st Barker, 161 correct answers, 4 house points
  • 2nd Pisa, 121 correct answers, 3 house points
  • 3rd Iron, 110 correct answers, 2 house points
  • 4th Roy, 84 correct answers, 1 house point

Team Green thanks everyone for their participation!

Recycling Art Competition Results

There were 14 entries in the Recycling art competition, from colorful to scary, small or large, skillful or put together in 2 minutes! With an outstanding participation of Roy, the winning house is Roy, followed by Pisa, Iron and Barker.
The winning whanau is PVA with its “Fancy Floral Recycled Art” and won organic fair trade chocolates to share and celebrate and the Team Green Trophy!

Recycled Art Exhibition


Mac Team Green is organising a competition to raise awareness about rubbish.

Everyone is invited to create an artwork made out of rubbish or recycled materials. It can be a model, collage, mosaic or any type of art work.

There will be individual prizes and certificates and whanau prizes. It is a house competition so get into it to win house points!

Entries can be brought to the college library until the 21st May.

2014 Quiz results

This term, Mac Team Green organised a whanau quiz made of 20 questions around recycling and Team green activities in the college.2014_quiz_results

Results, which add to the College House Competition tally, are :

  1. Barker with 122 points
  2. Pisa with 109 points
  3. Iron with 90 points
  4. Roy with 66 points

The best whanau is PST who got 20 correct answers on 20 questions!

PST will get Wanaka Organic Chocolate early next term.

Thank you all for your participation.

Film making…

OutlookforsomedaySome of our students participated in a film making workshop here in Wanaka.

Four MAC Team Green students are now working hard during the few hours we have together, Wednesdays lunchtime, to make a film and participate in the Outlook for Someday film competition.

We won’t tell you the story yet, but surely we’ll keep you posted!

Busy busy, 6 weeks to go!

World Enviro Day Competition

In term 2, we have been busy organizing an awareness-raising event, at the occasion of the World Enviro day. We created a 20 questions quiz and gave it to our 44 whanaus. On the last page, the groups were invited to write a pledge. 16 groups participated and earned points for their house. The results are:


Make a pledge for World Enviro Day

5th June is not only Venus transit day, it is every year the World Environment Day. We know our environment is struggling and we CAN help.

What are you going to do to celebrate our Earth ? What could you promise to do to help it?

Fill in the form below to make your pledge. There will be a prize for the best pledge!