Team Green Students meet Tim Flannery

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Aspiring Conversations organisers kindly donated two tickets to attend Tim Flannery’s event to students presenting the best questions. While Grace Green and Gary Poilvert questions were chosen, none of them could attend and were represented instead by Emily Knoesen and Johnny Brebner, both highly interested in the talk.

The talk is summarized here. We learnt that there is hope, now that technologies exists, goverments have signed a strong agreement and everyone starts putting the subject at the top of their agenda…

Tim Flannery books “We are the weather makers” and the brand new “Atmosphere of Hope” are both available at the college library.

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Emily speaking bravely in front of a crowd! (c) Oh Three Photography



Tree planting time!

Thanks to our school’s paper recycling efforts this year, MAC has earned 31 native trees through the Paper For Trees scheme.  We will get an additional 13 trees kindly donated by Te Kakano nursery, so that all whanau groups at MAC can plant a tree again this year.


We will hold planting sessions during long whanau this Friday and next Friday.

  • On Friday 16th October (Week 1) from 8:35-9:00am all whanau from Pisa and Barker houses will plant a tree each whilst whanau in Roy and Iron houses complete a Team Green Quiz which we have made.
  • On Friday 23rd October (Week 2) during long whanau, Roy and Iron houses will be planting trees whilst Pisa and Barker whanau complete the quiz.

The quiz is a house competition.  And the winning whanau (most correct answers) will receive a prize.

Thank you to our sponsor Ziptrek!




Fair Trade fortnight at MAC


To participate in the national Fair Trade Fortnight, Petrina and Team Green organised a Fair trade morning tea. We baked muffins, brownies, slices and truffles with a majority of fair trade ingredients then sold them in the staff room for a gold coin. And we offered fair trade coffee and chocolate.

Fair Trade morning tea at Mt Aspiring College 21.5.2015

We raised $130.10 by doing our bake sale – very generous donations!  The money has now been transferred to Oxfam, who have already gathered $27,354 in donations from similar events around NZ during May.  Some of that $ will get into the hands of the farmers who truly deserve it.  Teachers tasted the difference of fairly traded foods and commented: “a great cause and simple…anddddd delectable!!! 🙂

We intend to switch the instant coffee and chocolate made available to teachers in the staff room to fair trade.

Earth Hour at MAC

Earth Hour is a worldwide lights-off event that will happen on Saturday March 28 between 8:30 and 9.30pm.

Here at MAC, we’ll turn off all unnecessary electricity during period 6 on Friday 27th March. We monitored previous Earth Hours at MAC and found that the electricity consumption halved during the period, hence saving about $20.

Participate and be part of a global movement!

David Merritt visit

Today, David Merritt, poet, activist and recycler came and talked to us about living your own way, thinking out of the square and recycling. He made one of his poetry books in front of us.

He is poet in Residence at Wanaka Wastebusters until Sunday and will speak as part of the Outspoken Festival on Saturday. Thank you for your thought provoking visit!

Youth MP – Gareth Hughes’ visit to MAC

Last Friday, Green youth MP Gareth Hughes spoke to several members of MAC Team Green as part of the school’s ‘Team Green’ day.

MAC Team Green with GarethGareth answered a variety of questions from students regarding our oceans and their commercial use, the internet and his role in campaigning for it to be more free and open as well as renewable energy and the solar power for schools plan to reduce electricity bills. The last was of particular interest to Team Green as their ‘seed fund’ that raises money through recycling paper aims to acquire solar panels for the school.
Gareth also spoke about his role of being a young MP in parliament and overall the talk was enjoyed by all who attended.  Noel

The key messages I’ve recorded are Gareth‘s motto “Connect – Construct – Contribute”
And he reckons the more important issues for a group like us are:  Solar, Climate change and Building alliances.  Florence

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