Water Monitoring

Team Green has “adopted” the Brebner Bay outlet as part of the Touchstone citizen lake monitoring project. We will take samples monthly and they will be analysed. We hope to have interesting stories to tell from the results.

Water Testing2




Monthly Earth Hour

Earth Hour poster

Every last Friday of the month during period 5 is MAC Earth Hour.
Please make sure to turn off the lights and unnecessary equipment. We will go around the classes to remind you!
We have watched the college energy counter slow down during Earth Hour and calculated that we save $20 each time. The money saved goes towards more solar panels.
More solar panels, more savings…
And it helps the planet too!

Canteen Deal

Look what Team Green has negotiated with the very kind Canteen ladies!

Canteen deal Soup

It’s a win for you (cheaper), a win for the environment (no-throw-away cup), a win for the canteen (less cups to buy). Enjoy!

Recycling Art Competition

Art_Competition_bannerTeam Green is organising the 2016 Recycling Art Competition at Mount Aspiring College.

Each whanau is invited to submit an artwork made out of rubbish or recycled materials. Judges will consider artistic, technique and sustainability value of the creations.

Entries are due on Tuesday 20th September 2016. It is a house competition so get in there and meet the criterias! Good luck!

Celebrate Earth Hour

 On Saturday 19 March from 8.30 to 9.30pm

Earth Hour belongs to you. Celebrate your commitment to the planet with your friendsfamilycommunity or at work – in your own way. A simple event can be just turning off all non-essential lights from 8.30pm-9:30 pm.

This is our time to #ChangeClimateChange!

Welcome to 2015!

We now meet on Thursdays lunchtimes in the library.

The Board of Trustees has granted $6.500 for the installation of MAC first solar panels and our task is to make this happen. It’s fantastic and exciting.

We have grouped our activities in three streams:

  • Energy group is be in charge of implementing the solar panels project, as well as continuing Earth Hour and energy savings campaigns
  • The Recycling group big idea this year (thank you Max!) is to organise a recycling art competition, as well as continuing Paper recycling and Keep MAC Beautiful campaigns.
  • The House Competition group is preparing a special day in the year with a house competition, a quiz, mufti day etc…

A big year for our growing Team!

Paper recycling all go

Paper RecyclingIn term one, we have replaced all the broken and missing paper bins in the college so USE THEM!

When full, please go and empty them in the recycling area between the workshops and the library. If your paper bin is damaged, please let us know (Ask at the library or email teamgreen@mtaspiring.school.nz) so that we  replace it.

Remember: For every ton of paper we manage to recycle, we earn about 5 trees!


Innovation project


Our latest exciting goal is to embed sustainability into the curriculum and the college culture. Our Principal has agreed to establish the MAC Kaitiaki innovation Challenge aiming to raise awareness and empower students to be guardians of our resources by the end of term 1 2014.

Click here or on the image to open a presentation of our project.

We are working on:

  • An audit of the resources used
  • How to communicate our project to students and staff and enthuse them
  • A repository of curriculum resources
  • Best actions to save money to build our seed fund
  • Funding applications