Recycle your Food Waste!

There are now 3 RED Wheelie bins for food waste.  They are located together with a waste and recycling bin in the quad near the library, up the junior block, and near the play area.


Please put all food leftovers in the RED wheelie bin but no wrapper, and no citrus.

Food waste

We have installed worms farms. We will feed the worms. Please do not disturb the worms so leave the white buckets closed.

2017 Recycling

Here is the Cardboard and Paper recycling data for 2017:
We recycled 30 fadges of cardboard and 56 wheelie bins of paper.
In the Paper For Trees calculation, it translates as follows:
We earned 32 the previous year so that’s 2 trees more! Well done everyone for your recycling efforts.
A quick look at the skip shows that we can recycle more. Please be mindful when you discard paper or cardboard to put it in the correct recycling bin.
Last year, we decided to carry over 16 trees earned in 2016 to add to 2017 trees to organise a school wide event – we have 44 whanau so we need at least 44 trees.

We now have 48 trees to plant!

So we’ll organise a tree planting day during long whanau later in the year.

Recycling bins upgraded

In term 1, Team Green sent a survey to all teachers to collect paper bins and recycling bins needs in each classroom. And we went around school to count the existent bins. We calculate that we needed 13 more paper bins and 4 recycling bins.

Paper4Trees kindly supplied the crates so today we delivered them. A nice way to finish a task and a term.

Well done Team! And Thank you to Paper4Trees!

Next term, we’ll set up our food waste and worm farm system. Exciting!
Have a well-deserved break.


During a meeting with Green Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, Ralph Adler and Zella Dowling, Mount Aspiring College students have been learning about and exploring how MAC could be come a climate friendly college.



What is MAC already doing? What can we do better?

Saving energy

Team Green has done in the past and can resume the Switch off campaign (Make it flick stickers and posters) and the monthly Earth Hour (Period 6 Last Friday of each month).

To go further… do we actually need to turn on again after? Do we need it? This is a key phrase, in general!

At MAC, the biggest energy problem for the environment is our coal plant. We could lobby to get it changed. Write a letter to Board of Trustees, Mr Bosley, Architects, Ministry for the Environment.

And we have 8 solar panels. We want more! Continue fundraising. Ask in the letter.


Make a transport survey. Is it cool to bike? Is it cool to walk? The reward is in itself, health, cool… A hand survey in the year 9 group showed that many students already walk, bike or take the bus to school. Surely more can be done.

For the school’s trip, asking for electric vehicles. Our vehicles are second hand after local ski resorts. Asking them for electric vehicles!


Encourage compartment lunchboxes, more sandwich wraps, these are opportunities for fundraisers. Resume the bring your cup deal at the canteen.


Team Green has installed paper recycling and recycling in the college, because it diverts lots from landfill (cheaper), because we earn trees from paper and cardboard recycling via Paper4Trees.

We yearly check it is functioning and campaign for its good use.

Improvement: Explain why? “Do I need it” campaign? Encourage electronics use. Good on one side bins. Double-sided printing by default.

“Think before you print sticker” to add at the bottom of emails

Canteen: Do they have leftovers?

School compost, also from lawn clipping.

Measure How important How much $$ How Easy Action
Lights Less important because 80% of energy is renewable Save $$ Easy Switch campaign, switch stickers
Travel to School It would be important but a lot of people already bike so maybe quite good Nothing to school – Save money for families Each individual decision – lots of communication Survey

Calculate how much petrol this uses

Find out who else has done survey already

Travel by School Quite important Will become cheaper but big initial cost Not easy Petition to Cardrona and Treble Cone so they have electric buses

(Also ask for gondola for climate change)

Coal burner Very Important Big Letter to BOT to ask for renewables energy and better insulation
Heat Pumps Less important because 80% of energy is renewable Saves money Easy Switch campaign, switch stickers



Food wrappers

Quite important Not much money Not easy!

Showing them


We want compost and garden: lawn clippings, leaves, food scraps, canteen waste, food tech waste, a bit of wood ashes

Present Team Green members vote to focus on collecting food waste to a compost and perhaps make a garden for food for the canteen. We need to get the caretaker and canteen support.

To avoid having much work with the garden, we can still do compost and sell it (fundraiser!). In Dunedin, a school has a matching system who wants it who doesn’t want it.

So working on collecting food waste and establishing a compost will be Team Green focus in term 2.

Jeanette's board

Upgrading classrooms recycling

We have been busy this term upgrading the college classrooms facility.


First, we visited each class and recorded on a map how many paper bins and recycling bins there are in each room. Then we sent out a questionnaire to all teachers to record what they need.

Then we matched the existing and the needs and have to install 13 new paper bins and 4 new recycling bins.


Last week, we created and laminated labels. For the boxes, we are now waiting for the Paper4Trees bins ordered but not yet arrived.


When they arrive, we will paste the labels on them, distribute in the classrooms as required. We will do a presentation in assembly and write an an article in the newspaper to promote their use.

Paper For Trees

P4T logoOtago schools and preschools did a great job diverting paper and cardboard from landfill in 2016. They have:

  • Diverted 311 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
  • Prevented 1,678 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced in landfill
  • Saved 2,486 cubic metres of landfill space
  • Earned 1,300 native trees thanks to the Paper4Trees Scheme.

We at MAC have earned 32 trees in 2016. We planted 16 and decided to carry over the other 16 to add to our 2017 earned trees and organise a school-wide planting event in 2018.

Keep up the good work with recycling!

16 more trees planted

Mount Aspiring College has earned 32 trees in 2016 thanks to our paper and cardboard recycling. We planted 16 on Friday lunchtime.


Thank you to the senior students who volunteered, to the trees sponsor Ziptrek Ecotours, to Te Kakano for growing them and to Paper4Trees for organising this scheme.

And Thank You everyone for recycling!

We will plant the other trees next year in a school wide event -we need 44 trees to have one per whanau for this event.

Recycling monitoring

In 2016, we earn 32 trees from our recycling effort, up one tree from previous years. We have started monitoring precisely so we can see our progress.

Recycling 2016-17

And so we can analyse that a lot of recycling has happened in the 3rd and 4th term of 2016.

In 2017, paper recycling has definitely reduced and this is coherent considering the effort our school is doing to become paperless.

Cardboard and plastic recycling are more consistent in 2017. Let’s keep the recycling effort up!

We will try and get the data for the rubbish.

Recycling at MAC

2017 Recycling presentation

2017 Recycling presentation (1)

2017 Recycling presentation (2)

Please empty the classroom red crates into the yellow recycling bins on the campus.

2017 Recycling presentation (3)

  • Paper (must be clean)
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Empty glass bottles
  • Empty  plastic containers with a number on the base (1-7)
  • Aluminium cans and clean tin cans

Basically recycling is dry and clean.

2017 Recycling presentation (4)

These can’t be recycled:

  • Food scraps
  • Glad wrap
  • Tin foil & foil bags
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Yogurt pottles
  • Empty drink boxes (eg. Up and Go)
  • Plastic bags
  • Noodle & soup containers
  • Milkshake and hot chip cups
  • Used tissues, canteen napkins
  • Straws

So all these go in the grey or blue rubbish bins.

2017 Recycling presentation (5)

This is what we currently find in the recycling bins: dirty plastic glass, straws, gladwrap, dirty paper… we can do better! Please stop putting rubbish in the recycling! 2017 Recycling presentation (6)

Only pigs litter. It’s disgusting! So put your rubbish in your lunchbox, pocket or bin near you, or you are a pig.

2017 Recycling presentation (7)

Litter flies, litter floats, litter kills.

An estimated 100 000 marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year around the world. And approximately 1 million sea birds also die from plastic!

So please don’t litter!


2017 Recycling presentation (8)

Recycling saves money, is respectful and saves the environment.

So pick up your rubbish and recycle. Thank you!

MAC on the EERST magazine frontpage

Hello, Otago Paper4trees schools and preschools!

Here’s what you’ll find in our Term 4 newsletter…

  • Paper4trees update
  • A message from Bin Inn
  • Local sponsors
  • Love Food Hate Waste
  • A chance to WIN a gift pack from The Body Shop!
  • Term 3 Competition winner
  • Awesome Eco Products – with special Paper4trees discounts!
  • Recycling Week Competition

Paper4trees Update

Most trees have been delivered!

  We are still trying to secure funding for Dunedin trees. We will let Dunedin schools and preschools know as soon as confirmed. In the meantime, please get your orders in.

Otago schools and preschools did a great job diverting paper and cardboard from landfill in 2015. So far they have:
bullet Diverted 270 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
bullet Prevented 1,463 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced in landfill
bullet Saved 2,167 cubic metres of landfill space
bullet Earned 896 native trees
That is a great effort! Keep up the great work!

Joined from 1st October 2015 onwards? You will be able to order trees next year. In the meantime, please make sure you have activated your online account via the Paper4trees website as you will need to record your paper and cardboard recycling rates throughout the year.The next round for tree ordering will be 1st January 2017 – 31st March 2017.

Tree planting 16 Oct 2015 (10)-215
Mt Aspiring College – Queenstown Lakes

New ordering round starting January 1st

From January 1st you will be able to place a new order for trees! This will be based on your school/preschool’s 2015 paper and cardboard recycling efforts. Please remember to log in to the Paper4trees website to record your recycling. 
This is very important as we do not email out tree order forms – the entire process is now done online at Click on the link in the next section for our step by step guide explaining how to use the database and create your account for the first time.

A message from Bin Inn

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“The Bin Inn Foodstores are thoroughly enjoying being a major sponsor and supporter of the Paper4trees programme throughout NZ.

We especially appreciate the many cards and thank you letters we receive from the various schools and kindergartens. The children in many cases put in a lot of effort with their individual and personal thank you cards and we really appreciate their efforts and commitment.

The Bin Inn Retail Group employs under contract a Healthy Food Ambassador and in the months ahead we plan as part of our sponsorship, to provide those schools and kindergartens who participate in the Paper4trees programme with exciting healthy lunch options for the children as well as recipes for Healthy Food they can prepare in the kitchen at home with their parents and caregivers.”

Thank You to our Otago Sponsors

Otago Sponsors-98

Love Food Hate Waste

Food waste is a massive problem in New Zealand. 

Every year Kiwis send 122,547 tonnes of food to landfill, all of which could have been eaten. Not only is wasting food costing us money, it is also bad for the environment. Love Food Hate Waste has tips and recipes to help you reduce your food waste and save money.

Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign run by WasteMINZ in conjunction with 59 councils and community groups from around NZ. It started in Great Britain in 2007 and has reduced the amount of waste that British households throughout. The campaign is also being run in Vancouver, New South Wales and Victoria.

For more information head to

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3

Congratulations to…

Our Term 3 competition winner – TKKM o Te Ara Rima in Hamilton! 

Thank you for sending through your photo. You have won a gift pack from The Body Shop which will be sent out to you shortly!

Term 3 Competition!

Show us how your school has promoted or increased awareness of Paper4trees in your school/preschool, and you will go in the draw to WIN A GIFT PACK FROM THE BODY SHOP! This could be in the form of photos, video clips, a small write up, or anything you like. Get creative with it!

Thanks to The Body Shop for donating product for the newsletter competitions.

The winners will be announced in the next eNewsletter.

Logging in to your online account

Log in to your online account to record your paper and cardboard recycling efforts and order trees each year.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click on the School/Preschool Login button on the right hand side of the homepage

Step 3: Enter your email address and password and click Login. If you’ve forgotten your password or don’t have one – click Forgot Password and follow the prompts.

If the system doesn’t recognise your email address, please contact us on 07 578 7025 or 0800 727 4873. This will just mean it isn’t saved in our system.

Check out these awesome Eco Products!

Interested in ordering any of these products and want to support Paper4trees? Click here to view them on our website
Or reply to this email for more info and special discounts!

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2016 Mission

This year, our mission is to increase the awareness of Paper4trees in each and every school or preschool that is signed up to the programme. Ideally, the whole school will know about their involvement in Paper4trees, why it is necessary to divert paper and cardboard from landfill, and that by putting their paper and cardboard in the classroom recycling bins, they are earning native trees for their school/preschool.

Some ways you can increase the awareness of Paper4trees in your school/preschool include:
bullet Promotion via assembly
bullet Promote Enviro Monitor Badges
bullet Put classroom posters in each room
bulletWhen writing duties on the whiteboard, write Paper4trees recycling rather than rubbish and recycling
bulletShow the eBooks
bulletHave a competition using The Great Waste Sort
bulletEncourage participation in planting the trees you receive

Paper and cardboard bin sign - RONZ(1)-379

New bin poster available for download and print here

Recycling Week Competition

Recycling Week aims to raise awareness about recycling and help people improve their recycling habits. Now in its 5th year, an increasing number of schools are having fun and learning a lot by proactively taking part in Recycling Week. Each day of the week has an easy to remember theme that will challenge your school to re-think its recycling habits. Recycling Week could be a great opportunity to evaluate your schools recycling systems before the New Year.

With the support of The Warehouse, primary and intermediate schools are also invited to take part in the ‘Plastic to Fantastic’ Recycling Challenge with $1000 in prizes up for grabs. The brief is to create a useful item out of single-use plastic materials sourced from the schools waste/recycling stream. The item must be a lower cost alternative to replace something that is currently used in the school.

Find out more and how your school can get involved at

Recycling Week sticker good copy-658

Badge(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)Paper4trees ‘Enviro Monitor’ BadgesBadge(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)

Do your students take charge of environmental initiatives in your school? Paper4trees ‘Enviro Monitor’ Badges are the perfect way acknowledge their efforts and encourage other students to get involved too – Click here to order!
Badges are $2.50 each (+GST & postage)

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day.

Paper4trees60Satsuki Takenouchi
Paper4trees Programme Administrator
0800 727 4873

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