August Activities

Our first project is to install paper bins in all classrooms and make sure they are used.

Simon described some project management tools: choice charts, steps from the vision to the action, task manager… Then we applied it on with our Recycling project.

Competition (see above). Movies tickets to win! Give it a go!

Ongoing promotionOur first snippet, published in MAC newsletter 13th Aug 2009

  • Short speech in assembly on the 12th August to advertise the competition, well done!
  • Team Green Snippets: Every week in the Newsletter, we publish an awareness fact.
    Thank you Florence for the idea and for the 5 “words of wisdom” you provided for the snippets.
  • Notices: Twice weekly, first to advertise the use of bins as soon as they are fitted to the rooms, then to advertise their use, where to put the paper when they are empty…

Physical bins

All the rooms have been visited and assessed:

  • 9 rooms already have a used paper bin.
  • We have placed 7 existing green paper bins in the seven HOME ROOMS and will advertise their use now.
  • We need 25 more green bins for paper recycling. Simon has proposed to help with this.

When the competition is finished, the chosen poster will be added to all the bins.


To ensure a regular attendance, it is suggested that we bring biscuits to share. Thank you Sam for offering the first round 😉

Simon has organised a visit from the 350 crew. Check out to find out what it is about. They come to share ideas and inspire us. Meeting Wednesday 19th lunchtime in the library. Everyone invited. It is time to make a difference!

Measuring change

The Enviroschools Foundation would like to welcome us to register to the Enviroschools Measuring Change Tool at
Once we’ve registered we can start collecting and uploading our Waste, Water, Energy and Landscapes data.
The information and resources in the Measuring Change tool will help us find out how sustainable these areas are and then track our improvements over time. The sooner we start to measure our change, the sooner we will have a full record of the progress that we’re making.
There are also great spot prizes for the first enviroschools to get their data in!

Are we in to start MEASURING OUR CHANGE ?