Sustainability: resources for teens and teachers

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 Sustainability, Life quality…

Introduction: What are the main perils facing the planet and the human race as we begin a new century? And much more importantly, what can we do about them?

How green are You Quiz? See how you rate in this simple evaluation of how green your lifestyle is! And 25 ways to save the planet…

World wide organization  and the youth page, the Sustainability Café

UK Government intro page for access to several doc and activities for youth

Do your bit: National Sustainable households Programme Actions:

What is Strong Sustainability? The purpose of Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand (SANZ) and this website is to assist New Zealanders as we all learn how to live wisely and innovatively in the 21st Century.

All about Permaculture and in New Zealand

Kore Para is a nation-wide project to help develop sustainable Māori Kitiaki (guardianship) of New Zealand’s natural resources. Kore Para aims to provide and implement sustainable environmental technologies appropriate to whanau, hapu, and iwi development.

Learn about Ecoshow, the national event promoting Sustainability

Heaps of stuff about practical ecology for French literate people

Use the resources and support from the Enviroschools Foundation to encourage your school to take a holistic approach towards environmental education.

The pesticide adviser What to use instead of pesticide…

An impressive US site for kids Learn more and have fun in the Game pages

Ecological Footprint

Calculate your personal Footprint Minister for the Environment


Ella Lawtong NZ footprint study also a online version

Ecofootprinting Education pack £5.95


Feasta aims to identify the characteristics (economic, cultural and environmental) of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose

Healthy economies for Aotearoa/New Zealand – balanced, sustainable and empowering – based on and respecting the living systems of our planet.

Local Economy

The Sustainable Business Network is a forum for businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice to get together and make it happen

Health&Food UK Govt intro page for access to several doc and activities for youth about food and health and livestyle

What is healthy eating? and

The Food pyramid: There are many! A good one is Healthy Eating Pyramid – developed by Walter Willett et al, the Harvard School of Public Health, which can be found at

Estimate how healthy you eat Healthy Eating quiz (However does not allow for not eating butter or milk)

Did you know that food officially contains pesticides residues?

What’s wrong with pesticides?

Did you know that organic food does hardly-not contain residues because it does not use pesticides?

Minimizing Pesticides in Your Diet

Is eating organic more expensive? and

Being vegetarian to save the earth too

Why be active? and

Food kilometers and

Basic non-chemical self help for the family

How our food choice can help save the environment

When you buy food or when you eat, you choose:

– to minimize or increase waste see Recycling, waste

– to promote sustainable agriculture or to sustain an agriculture which pollutes and depletes resources see Agriculture

Agriculture and Gardening

Organic Agriculture worldwide

Environmental Benefits of Organic Agriculture

Use Land Info to get daily evapo-transpiration data or to check the soil moisture in the South Otago region

New Zealand Bio-dynamic association, Nick Mills, local representant

The problem in New Zealand

What’s happening to the soil and

To help replenish soils and minimize Recycling, waste, choose to make your compost: and and

Organic School project in Britain full of tips, games…

WWF Organic Gardens in Schools Fund

Games, quizzes:

Koanga organic native seeds to buy to grow your own garden:

Seed Savers Aotearoa New Zealand (SSANZ) facilitates the sharing of information and resources between regional seed saving groups

Pesticides free lawn Care  to avoid polluting  Water

Create your own Eden leaflet http:///

Attract wildlife in your Garden and and to encourage Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Conservation, wildlife Habitats

Attract native birds in your garden:

Build a Birdhouse and

Water (section updated 2/9/2015)

Get up to the minute river flow and rainfall data from Water Info and read our weekly and monthly summary reports

Saving water infos and activities

Water activities to download

US Government Environmental Kids Club Animated Water Cycle

New Zealand’s leading provider of atmospheric and aquatic science: research, educational material, publications, maps, FAQS, teachers’ and students’ sections, and links to the various national centres of NIWA.

Welcome to Up the Creek! Join Dion, Rick, and Ani on a trip up the creek to learn how fresh water supports life. Five interactive landscapes, with quiz, teacher note, postcards.

Waitakere City Water Supply Educational Resources More than 40 activity sheets about Water Cycle, Rain, Capturing the Rain and Water Use.

Take Action for Water is an environmental education programme from the Wellington Regional Council helping year 4-8 students understand and care for fresh water in the Wellington region.

Christchurch City Council school resource kits.

Missouri Botanical Garden website about freshwater ecosystems, nice and interactive

Resources related to World Water Day and the International Year of Freshwater.

Compost toilets

Hydro energy

When you save water, avoid polluting it, or harvest it, you promote Health&Food and Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Conservation, wildlife Habitats

Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Conservation, wildlife Habitats

Forest and Bird project for children that includes teacher and student-ready resources.

UK Govt several doc and activities for youth about land

UK Govt intro page for access to several doc and activities for youth about wildlife, interactive game create a wildlife haven.

NZ Native wildlife

Play the games to learn about the tools Scientists use to study the environment

Otago Plant pests:

Pests and Predators Interactive

This part of the Department of Conservation website describes the scenic reserves, walkways, and conservation programmes around New Zealand regions

This updated section of the Department of Conservation website provides information and resources to support conservation and environmental education programmes in schools.

Biodiversity Government website: our chance to turn the tide

Help to improve and protect our environment

TuiTime website for student investigation of ecology focuses on tui, addressing competition, predation, life cycles, decomposition, and adaptation.

Trees for Survival: Children growing trees for our Future

Information on significant sites of native plants and animals that need protection, what and where the ecological sites are, and what can be done to protect them. for Canterbury area

How pet owners can help wildlife

WWF offers a variety of environmental education programmes for New Zealand students of all ages.

New Zealand’s network of groups which share a concern for the environment

Department of Conservation’s 13 conservancies example of conservation work at its best.

Kiwi Conservation Club quizzes

This web site promotes protection of the kiwi, an endangered species in New Zealand.

This website from LEARNZ, which runs Virtual Field Trips in May and October. A website with background resources, student activities, teacher support and curriculum ideas, prepares students for the field trips in the weeks leading up to the virtual field experience. Joining fee applies.

The website for the Living Heritage project aims to capture and preserve New Zealand’s heritage. Schools are encouraged to identify a unique piece of heritage in their community, such as a tree, person, or event, to research and record. These resources are recorded digitally and hosted on the Living Heritage website.

How you can help wildlife in your garden, see Agriculture and Gardening

Dwelling, Healthy Housing

Ideas to make the school environment more sustainable

Home Resource Efficiency from Rocky Mountain Institute

Activities with habitats Population (Page 3 and 4)

Learn About Chemicals around your house

Environmental Building :

Eco friendly House, to help save money, have a healthier house and reduce your impact on the environment : http–

To support your action at home to care for the planet and have a healthy lifestyle

The pesticide adviser What to use instead of pesticide…

Natural Building, what is it?

Straw-infill construction offers a number of major benefits in the areas of health & lifestyle, energy-efficiency, cost, environment and strength and

Build in Earth and

And hybrid adobe technique

Energy saving and renewable energy

The problem: the resource is limited:

Wonderful teacher zone to download energy working materials

Discover Energy issue with Joules the robot

Renewable energy homework help

UK Govt several doc and activities for youth about energy

Visit the Rocky Mountain Institute and Amory Lovins (inventor of Factor 4 concept) Website to go directly to the Case Studies or the kids pages

Interactive wind farm

Energy activities (word doc to download for teachers)

NZ government website, easy, practical

Centre for Alternative Technology Energysaving tips adults to check

In New Zealand, have a look at Sustainable Energy Forum


What exists to reduce energy consumption? how it works?

A kite to produce electricity?

Energy Calculator

Simple Energy Savers

Energy efficiency quicklist and

Residential carbon Dioxide calculator

NIWA Climate Energy solution list of articles

All energy data from the International Energy Agency

Switch off the stand-by

Practical case: Energy in rural Māori communities (Teachers’ resource for NCEA AS: Science 90191 (1.6), 90313 (2.2); Geography 90207 (1.6).)

Climate change

A government initiative led by the New Zealand Climate Change Office at the Ministry for the Environment  and a document for teachers

Play it cool Flash a fun, interactive Climate Change activity

New Zealand Schools Climate Change Competition

The Greenhouse Effect, in light of New Zealand’s ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

World map of climate change

Information Galore about climate change

Australian conference Greenhouse 2005 downloadable powerpoint presentations:

The NZ government website to tackle Climate change and

Digital conversation with expert in Climate Change

To calculate and offset our CO2 emissions to help us help the climate Climate Care

Hagley Centre UK Animated Spinning Globe Showing the Earth showing surface air temperature change from an IS92a experiment with HadCM2 including the cooling effect of sulphate aerosols

Climate Change is not a recent issue See their comprehensive report IPCC assessment on Climate Change 1995.pdf. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been established by WMO and UNEP to assess scientific, technical and socio- economic information relevant for the understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. It is open to all Members of the UN and of WMO. to download Safeguarding the Ozone Layer and the Global Climate System or Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Report

IISD explains youth what is climate change

The (IGCI) International Global Change Institute’s  goal is to integrate knowledge on the natural and human dimensions of global environmental change for use in policy development and decision-making

Otago Regional Council Air Info for up to the minute data and read our weekly summary reports

The growOTAGO project provides maps of the Otago region’s climate and soils

How might climate change affect my region? Climate change in Otago

UK Government Climate Change Page

UK Government Air Page

Greenhouse emissions calculations and offsetting! for low carbon living

How green are You? 25 ways to save the planet

Use the CO2 calculators with your students to determine school and home CO2 emissions. This Landcare Research site aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reverse biodiversity decline, and improve energy management and resource use efficiency.

Discover how your school could take part in the world’s largest experiment to forecast the climate in the twenty-first century. People from around the world download a global climate model and run it in ‘idle’ time on their computers. Teaching materials based on the project can be downloaded free.

Information by Environmental Defence Society related to climate change and global warming in relation to New Zealand.

Recycling, waste

NZ Government website

Clean Up New Zealand  provides a collection of web links to resources on recycling, waste, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Project Crimson, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How recycling can help reduce New Zealand’s waste mountain.

Reduce reuse recycle, flashes and pdf, games (UK Govt)

Solid waste reuse for kids Imagination Factory

Activities with trash Christchurch City Council Waste Minimisation page with access to a pdf extensive guide to household

Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) is a non profit organisation operating as a charitable trust to promote litter abatement, waste reduction and town and city beautification, setup under the NZ Litter Act 1979.

Compost see Agriculture and Gardening

Trash to Fashion

Waste exchange success stories

Auckland Regional Council Waste and recycling tips

Be a Waste Detective on the US government Environment Kids Club or explore Recycle City or try this interactive crossword

Click on Begin Mission to save the Planet

Your Life, Your World, Your Choices: You Can Change the World:

Waste Not Want Not activities



Calculate transport cost, with different fuels

Rocky Mountain Institute about transport, Hypercars and alternative fuels

Green Fleet New Zealand

Sustainable transportation can be achieved


Impact of transport on Climate change and Ministry of transport strategy

Simple Tips to Save you Money on Fuel

And more tips to reduce vehicle emissions

Walking School buses

Cycling Advocate New Zealand

Bike to school House contest

Walk campaign, Sparc

Getting active is good for Your Health! See Health&Food

Food kilometers See Health&Food

Publications, Overall Sources, Databases

Guidelines for the teachers to explore

The education for sustainability from tki online learning center

A website developed to support teachers implementing the Ministry of Education Guidelines for Environmental Education in Schools.

NZAEE promotes environmental education initiatives at both a national and regional level.

Blogsite regarding environmental education issues: Education for a Sustainable Future

Free teaching resources galore , just download! online Publications, tip sheets, factsheets, guides about all aspects evocated above. From £0.50 to £3.00. free Articles from Clean Slate

CAT Education publications

Promoting environmental education throughout New Zealand… This directory lists resources relating to the New Zealand environment and covers New Zealand produced material and places to visit. All materials have been designed to meet at least one of the objectives of the 1998 National Strategy for Environmental Education.

Useful organisations  View a list of organisations that are active in the environmental area and may provide either advice or resources to support environmental education programmes.

This website is from the Auckland Regional Council. It provides a comprehensive section on environmental education including teacher resource material.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s website information on the environmental education resources of the region and includes services available to schools, a quarterly newsletter, activities, and events.

Coast to the High Country: A website developed to support teachers implementing the Ministry of Education Guidelines for Environmental Education in Schools.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s information on the environmental education resources of the region and includes services available to schools, resources and lesson plans for teachers, newsletters and student activity pages.

Northland Regional Council – Environmental Education

This page from the Northland Regional Council’s website provides information about environmental education resources for teachers and students.

Niwa teachers resources 200 articles in recent issues of Water & Atmosphere online to the NZ Curriculum and the subject matrices for the NCEA Achievement Standards

To explore


Keep a look out for this new science-based multimedia programme on TVOne, starting 21 September at 3.30pm. The Q team will explore aspects of a ‘big science’ theme by interviewing New Zealanders whose job is to help find sustainable solutions to global world issues. The team will also visit real scientists at work – underwater with giant spider crabs, on the edges of volcanoes, and in front of a supercomputer.


Envirofunz is a database which covers funding for environmental and conservation projects in Aotearoa/NewZealand.

International Year of Mountains – TKI Hot Topic

This TKI Hot Topic from April 2002 celebrates the United Nations International Year of Mountains.


The purpose of this website is to encourage worldwide links between schools, teachers, educators, and students. Students are encouraged to submit work to online collaborative projects and publish their research on the Internet. A teachers’ guide provides information to help students use the Internet, including guidelines on using email and a list of recommended search engines.

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