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Right now in Denmark, is taking place the  UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen . You can get more on BBC Full coverage of Copenhagen Climate Summit. Follow the event!

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They need our support to take strong bolt decisions. Get involved! Sign…
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Fantastic 350 event!

Well done everyone! More than 150 trees planted!
350 at MAC (C) Simon Williams

And after the planting we had beautiful 350 pictures taken and we all shouted:

If not here, where?

If not us, who?

If not now, when?




Primary schools students run 350 KM

Hawea Flat pupils running with their "350 Make a difference" banner (c) Simon WilliamsWell done to Upper Clutha Primary Schools who actually RUN 350 km to celebrate 350. Every year, Primary school of the area gather for their Athletic days. Yesterday, they added a 350 running event and reached their goal.

Wanaka Primary School pupils: 350 forever! (c) Simon Williams




.                     AWESOME EFFORT!

Ready for 350!

MAC team green painting the 350 bannerTomorrow will be a day to remember!

We have received enough trees for our plans. THANK YOU so much to all our generous sponsors. We have organised tools, water,  mulch, compost, flyer with tree planting instructions and 350 shape, with plenty of community and parents help.

Today we painted the 350 banner and received our 350 tee-shirts! Ready!

Tomorrow at 2.25 when the bell goes, students go to their class as usual. Year 7 to 10 classes will then walk up on the field and find their whanau to plant their trees in their house area. Map will be provided.

A display board for everyone to know what 350 is about

Have fun!

350 at MAC

We had another meeting yesterday. We’ll are greatful to have received support from the  Wanaka Garden Club: trees and compost donations and help for the day.

Task list


  • Call for donations to parents (with list of species wanted) published in MAC Newsletter 15th Oct 2009
  • Te Kakano: Carol to send letter – Florence to contact Andrew P. to confirm their involvement – Confirmed.
  • Nook nursery: Carol confirmed their support
  • Mitre 10 – Samantha
  • John May: Al confirmed his support – Sherryl suggests we make a detailed list of what we want.

Contacting the Press:

  • The News, Lucy Ibbotson – by Florence
  • Wanaka Sun – by Sherryl (Wanaka Garden Club)
  • Mirror – by Florence 

Contacting Andrew Miller for the photo – by  Florence, Done

 Day preparation

  • Donated trees to be gathered behind the library.
  • Named tools to be gathered near Don’s tool shed.
  • Mary (Student in the Community) contacted for “experts” support and lending tools.
  • Putting pegs to show planting areas – Don
  • List of tasks to give to whanau teachers – Carol, with Sophie and Simon’s help
  • 350 banner: Mac team green member will paint it on a white sheet next Thursday. Molly to bring Paint, Florence to buy more paint and bring the white sheet, Larissa will bring brushes from the Art dpt.

Donate trees

tree donate (clip art)We offer parents and community the opportunity to contribute to our 350 project. Please donate native or orchard trees appropriate to our climate and terrain to plant on Mount Aspiring College grounds on the 23rd October:

  • Kowhai
  • Mountain beech
  • Red beech
  • Broadleaf
  • Manuka
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Peach (local)

Please choose local and hardy varieties.

If you want to “follow” your tree, attach a label with your name on it. You will then find it in the plantation and be able to visit it to see how it grows!

Bring in to the college before Friday 23rd October.

 A BIG thank you in advance!

Gearing up for our 350 event

Not much time left, less than two weeks after the holidays.Tree in hands

We have 22 trees already and need about 50ish more, native trees and orchard trees. Please drop your donations at the college before the 23rd October.

Don emphasize that trees need watering the first year so we decide that each Friday, one whanau per house will be in charge of watering their trees.

Application for donation has been transmitted to Te Kakano who will offer Kowhai and Ribbonwood trees.

Te Kakano will also lend 10 spades and 10 diggers for the day.

We have been around the college’s grounds with Don, Al and Andrew. We have found 4 spaces for plantation. Whanau teachers will be given a list of tasks to assign to the students.

Each house will have the support of one expert (Experts will be: Don, Al, Andrew and Pete) assisted hopefully by Students In the Community who have been planting trees in the past.

350 on the ski field at Treble Cone Wanaka Wednesday 30th September 10.30

350Treble Cone ~ July 09 (c)Alexis Poilvert Treble Cone action!

Help us make a giant 350 in the snow!

 Our government seems happy to accept a rise in CO2 up to 450ppm which could lead to a 2° rise in global temperatures putting our winters at risk and pushing the snow line upwards. Because we love snow in Wanaka we thought a fitting place for action was Treble Cone Ski Field. We are going to make a giant human stencil of the number 350 in the main basin.

This amazing image will show the world what climate change could mean for us. This is a great opportunity to tell our leaders that you care about our planet and our place and want to see a climate treaty that will take us back to 350 parts per million. Be in the main basin at Treble Cone at 10:30am on Wednesday 30th September. Volunteers will be at the top and bottom of the lift directing you where to go. You won’t miss the big 350 stencil as you ride the six. If the weather is nasty we’ll have to postpone to the next bluebird day, listen to Radio Wanaka or call the TC snow report on 443 7444 Wednesday 30th September.

Big thanks to Tim, Rosco and the TC crew for helping us get this organised.