Recycling Art Competition Results

There were 14 entries in the Recycling art competition, from colorful to scary, small or large, skillful or put together in 2 minutes! With an outstanding participation of Roy, the winning house is Roy, followed by Pisa, Iron and Barker.
The winning whanau is PVA with its “Fancy Floral Recycled Art” and won organic fair trade chocolates to share and celebrate and the Team Green Trophy!

Tree planting time!

Thanks to our school’s paper recycling efforts this year, MAC has earned 31 native trees through the Paper For Trees scheme.  We will get an additional 13 trees kindly donated by Te Kakano nursery, so that all whanau groups at MAC can plant a tree again this year.


We will hold planting sessions during long whanau this Friday and next Friday.

  • On Friday 16th October (Week 1) from 8:35-9:00am all whanau from Pisa and Barker houses will plant a tree each whilst whanau in Roy and Iron houses complete a Team Green Quiz which we have made.
  • On Friday 23rd October (Week 2) during long whanau, Roy and Iron houses will be planting trees whilst Pisa and Barker whanau complete the quiz.

The quiz is a house competition.  And the winning whanau (most correct answers) will receive a prize.

Thank you to our sponsor Ziptrek!




Recycled Art Exhibition


Mac Team Green is organising a competition to raise awareness about rubbish.

Everyone is invited to create an artwork made out of rubbish or recycled materials. It can be a model, collage, mosaic or any type of art work.

There will be individual prizes and certificates and whanau prizes. It is a house competition so get into it to win house points!

Entries can be brought to the college library until the 21st May.

Our projects this term

Finalizing Paper Recycling

All the classrooms and offices in the school now have a green bin for paper. Yeah!
We now need to:

  • Laminate the posters and paste them onto the boxes
  • Write “Instructions for paper recycling”, to publish in the newsletter and paste on the walls of the classrooms.
  • Write some snippets in the daily notices to remind people about paper recycling.

Mac Team Green Campaign

We started to create a poster to say we exist and what we do. We will then put it up on the several boards of the school.

We also start to collect visual facts or striking articles to explain why sustainability is important and we will put these up on the boards too.

We have gathered 10 snippets from The Story of Stuff site  to publish weekly in the newsletter.

Successful meeting

We welcomed today Lucy, from The News, who took a photo of our Recycling Poster Competition winners -to be officially announced and awarded next Wednesday.

KnzbWe also had a visit by Ivy, from Wastebusters . She brought some materials (posters, bags, gloves, Get Real survey) for Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean up week. We will pull up our sleeves and collect rubbish from Lismore Park, Wednesday 9th Sept P5 – Carol to confirm. Check out the Grime Scene, by Wanaka Wastebusters!

350 planning

Ivy announced that Wastebusters were also planning to plant trees for the 350 action day (23rd-24th Oct) and is offering to associate with us, with people from the community coming to our tree planting session to help.
We could also liaise with Wanaka Primary School who will be our neighbour soon.
Don, the college’s caretaker, is working on the plantation areas, as well as an edible garden area 🙂
Nia and Samantha have been working on the speech for assembly. Florence’s presentation is ready.

We need 120 trees: Te Kakano has already offered some young trees. We can ask around us, nursery, gardeners… We expect many people in the community will want to support the project. Donations can be acknowledged in our blog, so it is an advertising opportunity as well as a green gesture!

Design Competition!

Everybody listen up, awesome prizes at stake!bin

All you have to do is make a sign for:

  • a recycling bin or

  •  paper bin.

The winning design will be put up on the recycling bins and on the paper bins of the college.

Hand your design in to the library by the 28th August with your name and year level on the back.

Good luck!

Term 3 Week 1 meeting minutes

Great attendance!

Outlook for someday sustainability film challenge leaflets distributed. Some students did it in the past, might do it, on their own time.

We recapitulated on the 3 projects we designed during the ReGeneration Workshop:

  • Pay it Forward
  • Community Garden
  • Recycling Bins

The later is the easiest, so lets start here. We launch a competition for students to design the signs to put on:

  • paper crates
  • recycling bins

Bring your A4 design with name and Year level to the library by 26th August.
Cool Prizes + Have your design published 

Action plan

  • Prizes: Larissa to ask the cinema for free tickets (if we can’t get any for free, maybe the club can pay for them) + everybody to go and find prizes and bring next week.
  • Nina writes the text (forwards to Florence) and give to Mrs Sherson for publication in next newsletter by Tuesday
  • Claudia will design the poster with the words, to be ready for next meeting so we can print and distribute for display
  • Florence wil put the text on the blog
  • Next week, we will write the notices for the duration of the competition, we will prepare an entry for the competition in the assembly.

To progress on the waste survey aisle, Nia will do a map of the existing bins.