End of a successful Year!

Fundraisers & Christmas gifts

We are selling Plants, currently for sale in the teachers’s yard: Spider plants, Aloe Vera $5 each
2019 Upper Clutha Calendars $20 each: Team Green receives $3 for each calendar sold, available in the staff room.

End of Year “do” in the Park

Enjoying cake and fair trade chocolate in the tall grass in Lismore Park, we discussed what went well this year and what we want to do next year. We are quite proud of our achievements this year:

  • three worms farms,
  • a fun scavenger hunt,
  • a school wide tree planting event…

Next year, we plan to:

  • repeat our recycle-well campaign
  • organise food waste management better
  • work on energy savings, divest our school from coal, more solar panels (needs lots of money for that!)
  • So fundraising will continue with fair trade bake sales and plant sales -as above!
  • We are chuffed to be invited by the architects to contribute to the new buildings concepts

It would be great if senior students would join us, we could then have several projects going.

Tree planting Photos

Thank you for a wonderful Tree Planting effort, 52 trees given a chance to strive in 30 minutes! Please note the love and care that was given in the action! Well done MAC! Long live Herbet and mates! 😉 Keep sending photos to teamgreen@mtaspiring.school.nz so they are added to the slideshow here.

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Thank you to Ziptrek, the sponsor of our trees!

Fair trade bake sale

On our way to became a fair trade school, we’ve organised a fair trade bake sale today. Each of us baked some goodies with at least one fair trade ingredient. Success ! It was delicious and hugely popular. We’ll do it again!

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We raised $160 to purchase prices for the winners of future Team Green competition planned for later this year


Fair Trade fortnight at MAC


To participate in the national Fair Trade Fortnight, Petrina and Team Green organised a Fair trade morning tea. We baked muffins, brownies, slices and truffles with a majority of fair trade ingredients then sold them in the staff room for a gold coin. And we offered fair trade coffee and chocolate.

Fair Trade morning tea at Mt Aspiring College 21.5.2015

We raised $130.10 by doing our bake sale – very generous donations!  The money has now been transferred to Oxfam, who have already gathered $27,354 in donations from similar events around NZ during May.  Some of that $ will get into the hands of the farmers who truly deserve it.  Teachers tasted the difference of fairly traded foods and commented: “a great cause and simple…anddddd delectable!!! 🙂

We intend to switch the instant coffee and chocolate made available to teachers in the staff room to fair trade.

Green Christmas

Green Santa (clipart)Make a difference for Christmas! You can choose to buy plastic or trinkets OR to give your money to organic, fair trade or other “sustainable” organisations. Here are some ideas:

Maruia New Zealand Nature catalogue: bamboo, silk, possum or merino clothes, organic body care products, wooden games and solar and LED devices, NZ nature cards, calendars and books…

Oxfam Unwrapped: You can offers goats, garden tools, mosquito nets, midwifery training and much more to help people help themselves out of poverty. Choose your gift online, receive a card to offer to your friend, and Oxfam use your gift where it is most needed.

Good Books is an online bookstore with a conscience! Not only the selection of music and books is mind-opening, environmentally friendly or gives a voice to third-world people, but also every time you buy a book from Goodbooks, you contribute to Oxfam to help fight its global battle against poverty and social injustice.

Here in Wanaka, you can find beautiful gifts at the Department of Conservation Office, or clever, New-Zealand-made, wooden games from Puzzling World.

Or you could offer or ask for a subscription to Kiwi Conservation Club Magazine, Organic NZ, New Zealand Geographic, Forest&Birds or Pacific Ecologist.

Be a shopping activist!

Add your suggestions for everyone to enjoy in comments below please!