Successful meeting

We welcomed today Lucy, from The News, who took a photo of our Recycling Poster Competition winners -to be officially announced and awarded next Wednesday.

KnzbWe also had a visit by Ivy, from Wastebusters . She brought some materials (posters, bags, gloves, Get Real survey) for Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean up week. We will pull up our sleeves and collect rubbish from Lismore Park, Wednesday 9th Sept P5 – Carol to confirm. Check out the Grime Scene, by Wanaka Wastebusters!

350 planning

Ivy announced that Wastebusters were also planning to plant trees for the 350 action day (23rd-24th Oct) and is offering to associate with us, with people from the community coming to our tree planting session to help.
We could also liaise with Wanaka Primary School who will be our neighbour soon.
Don, the college’s caretaker, is working on the plantation areas, as well as an edible garden area 🙂
Nia and Samantha have been working on the speech for assembly. Florence’s presentation is ready.

We need 120 trees: Te Kakano has already offered some young trees. We can ask around us, nursery, gardeners… We expect many people in the community will want to support the project. Donations can be acknowledged in our blog, so it is an advertising opportunity as well as a green gesture!