Cleaning drains

Over the last couple of weeks, Team Green has been cleaning out the drains in the North Block of our school. 

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The amount of rubbish we found in the drains was frankly disgraceful. In just one drain we found 167 pieces of rubbish, some of which could be reused.  For instance, we found two scissors and two spoons, both in good condition. 

Our school community needs to reduce our waste. 

In order to protect our waterways, we placed two layers of mesh netting in the drains. This will prevent the rubbish from getting caught in our drains and creating more environmental damage. 

Our school’s goal should be to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. We can substitute our single-use plastic for more environmentally friendly options. As you can see in the picture above, several plastic straws and plastic packaging are displayed. Alternatively, we can replace these things with reusable items such as metal straws, beeswax wraps and keep cups to make our school grounds more environmentally friendly. 

Each individual can make changes to create a greener future. Every small change makes a big difference: replacing plastic bags with reusable ones, recycling what can be recycled, picking up litter, etc…

Litter for ONE day!!

Litter harvested on our school grounds in just ONE day!!


Reduce your packaging and waste!


MAC Team Green is organizing a fundraiser to help you get rid of your packaging and waste. We sell Safe Bottles, Ecotanka Bottles and koolers, Keep Leaf reusable sandwich and lunch bags.

Purchase reusable bottles and reusable food wraps using the 2014 Fundraiser form (please print double-sided).

Return with your payment to the library or the office by Wednesday 24th September to receive it at the start of Term 4. All proceedings build the Team Green seed fund (to buy solar panels).

Packaging free lunchboxes and Gotcha card!

Why is this important?

Quite simply if we use less packaging in our lunchboxes, we will generate less waste.

The problem with food wrap…

  • For your health: some studies have shown that PVC and other plastics used in plastic wraps leach into food on contact, in particular fat foods (e. g. cheese) and when heated. These plastic components are hormone disrupters possibly causing reproduction problems and cancers.
  • For the environment: Non recyclable, they just accumulate in landfill and in nature, where they take a 100 to 1000 years to decompose.
  • They are not sustainable: Made from petroleum -which is in limited supply- they are thrown out after just one use! What a muck-up!

How to?

Use compartment lunchboxes

And fill them with snacks bought by bulk (cheaper too), fruits, and sandwiches just held together by the pressure of the box.

Use reusable packaging

  • Reusable sandwich wraps by Otago company Ginger Pye  or EcoTanka
  • Sistema boxes or naked food boxes, or even EcoLunchBox in in stainless steel
  • I have been using waxed paper to wrap sandwiches. It is reusable about 10 times and then is good to light the fire.

Eat simpler foods

Compartment lunchboxConsider the difference in energy and resources use between an apple and an individually wrapped apple sauce whereas it all ends up the same way! Make your own cakes and biscuits, you will avoid all the snack bars plastics, etc.  Lots of ideas here.

Show your packaging free lunchbox in our meeting on Wednesdays lunchtimes in the library and you may win a Gotcha Card!

Keep your rubbish in your lunchbox

Take your rubbish home and recycle it:

  • Food waste in the compost or worm farm,
  • Plastics 1 to 7, cans in the recycling box
  • And the rest in the bin. Be mindful that the blue bag costs $3.50 and goes in a landfill forever!

And most importantly, don’t ever ever litter!