Mac Bin Free

Mount Aspiring College wants to get rid of waste and everybody can help!


Because we had 34 rubbish  bins, it took 252 hours to deal with them and it costs $7800 to get them emptied. And we still had litter!


Take your Rubbish Home
Don’t litter!
Avoid packaging in your lunchbox

Click here to view the  BIN FREE MAC presentation.

Innovation project


Our latest exciting goal is to embed sustainability into the curriculum and the college culture. Our Principal has agreed to establish the MAC Kaitiaki innovation Challenge aiming to raise awareness and empower students to be guardians of our resources by the end of term 1 2014.

Click here or on the image to open a presentation of our project.

We are working on:

  • An audit of the resources used
  • How to communicate our project to students and staff and enthuse them
  • A repository of curriculum resources
  • Best actions to save money to build our seed fund
  • Funding applications