2017 Recycling

Here is the Cardboard and Paper recycling data for 2017:
We recycled 30 fadges of cardboard and 56 wheelie bins of paper.
In the Paper For Trees calculation, it translates as follows:
We earned 32 the previous year so that’s 2 trees more! Well done everyone for your recycling efforts.
A quick look at the skip shows that we can recycle more. Please be mindful when you discard paper or cardboard to put it in the correct recycling bin.
Last year, we decided to carry over 16 trees earned in 2016 to add to 2017 trees to organise a school wide event – we have 44 whanau so we need at least 44 trees.

We now have 48 trees to plant!

So we’ll organise a tree planting day during long whanau later in the year.

Recycling bins upgraded

In term 1, Team Green sent a survey to all teachers to collect paper bins and recycling bins needs in each classroom. And we went around school to count the existent bins. We calculate that we needed 13 more paper bins and 4 recycling bins.

Paper4Trees kindly supplied the crates so today we delivered them. A nice way to finish a task and a term.

Well done Team! And Thank you to Paper4Trees!

Next term, we’ll set up our food waste and worm farm system. Exciting!
Have a well-deserved break.

Paper For Trees

P4T logoOtago schools and preschools did a great job diverting paper and cardboard from landfill in 2016. They have:

  • Diverted 311 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
  • Prevented 1,678 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced in landfill
  • Saved 2,486 cubic metres of landfill space
  • Earned 1,300 native trees thanks to the Paper4Trees Scheme.

We at MAC have earned 32 trees in 2016. We planted 16 and decided to carry over the other 16 to add to our 2017 earned trees and organise a school-wide planting event in 2018.

Keep up the good work with recycling!

Put rubbish in the right bin


The school fills in a full skip each week which costs $80 to empty, plus the weight of rubbish (nearly $200 per tonne!).
80% of the skip content can be recycled.
And recycling is free! So the idea is to remove the recycling from the skip.

3 bin types

There is now a yellow (recycling) bin next to each rubbish bin in the college.
Some large red  crates with a clear sign RECYCLE have been placed in many classes and soon in all of them. It is the teacher’s responsibility to send students to empty them in the yellow bins outside.
Lastly, large grey or green wheelie bins will receive the rubbish that goes to landfill.

What to recycle


If we divert a third of rubbish to the recycling, we’ll save $2100 per year.

Just put rubbish in the right bin! 

David Merritt visit

Today, David Merritt, poet, activist and recycler came and talked to us about living your own way, thinking out of the square and recycling. He made one of his poetry books in front of us.

He is poet in Residence at Wanaka Wastebusters until Sunday and will speak as part of the Outspoken Festival on Saturday. Thank you for your thought provoking visit!

Paper recycling all go

Paper RecyclingIn term one, we have replaced all the broken and missing paper bins in the college so USE THEM!

When full, please go and empty them in the recycling area between the workshops and the library. If your paper bin is damaged, please let us know (Ask at the library or email teamgreen@mtaspiring.school.nz) so that we  replace it.

Remember: For every ton of paper we manage to recycle, we earn about 5 trees!


End of term successes

Earth Hour

Friday Period 6 Earth Hour has been awesomely supported, with most lights out before we went around the college to do it. We had talked about Earth Hour in Assembly and showed everyone the 3 minutes clip and we put posters up throughout the school, so it worked well.

The records above are done with a Cent-a-meter http://www.centameter.co.nz/placed in one of the college buildings, and do not reflect the whole school electricity consumption.

Tree planting

We received 19 trees from Te Kakano for last year paper recycling, as part as the Paper4Trees programme and planted them today in the college field, with the help of Andrew Penniket and Don. No photo sorry, our hands were dirty!

19 trees from paper!

This year, Wanaka Wastebusters has picked up 4 to 6 wheelie bins of paper per month from Mount Aspiring College.  They are 240 litre wheelie bins.

The weight of the contents can vary a lot depending on whether its shredded paper, loose  office paper or magazines/newspapers.

Roughly, the college is recycling  about 1-1.5 cubic metres of paper a month. 

Wastebuster also picks up 4 to 6 “fadges” of cardboard a month.  That equates to about  2 – 3 cubic metres.

This amount “earns” the college 19 trees this year through the Paper4Trees programme. It is a great incentive to encourage all the students to better recycle paper.

Mac Team Green keeps reminding students and staff to recycle paper and empty the paper bins into the large paper recycling bins.

There is still lots of paper in the “normal” bins, so we can do better.


Trees for paper!

We have just received 26 native trees for our efforts in paper recycling. 

Thank you to all the students and teachers who use our Paper Recycling bins.

A big thank to Paper4Trees who organises this scheme.

And a very big thank to Don who is going to plant the trees on our college’s grounds.