Monthly Earth Hour

Earth Hour poster

Every last Friday of the month during period 5 is MAC Earth Hour.
Please make sure to turn off the lights and unnecessary equipment. We will go around the classes to remind you!
We have watched the college energy counter slow down during Earth Hour and calculated that we save $20 each time. The money saved goes towards more solar panels.
More solar panels, more savings…
And it helps the planet too!

Solar Panels Data

If you are interested in power figures and graphs for the solar panels on the roof of the North Block, have a look here: . That link has to be accessed on the school network though, it won’t work from home!

Today (overcast), it looks like this:


Eight Solar panels!

Have you noticed the new North Block is now topped with 8 solar panels?!
8 solar panels
Thanks to Team Green members for making the case for them and following up.
Thank you Ronnie for supporting and organising it.
Most importantly, a warm thank you to the Board of Trustees who paid for them.
Happy sunny afternoon!