Paper For Trees

P4T logoOtago schools and preschools did a great job diverting paper and cardboard from landfill in 2016. They have:

  • Diverted 311 tonnes of paper and cardboard from landfill
  • Prevented 1,678 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced in landfill
  • Saved 2,486 cubic metres of landfill space
  • Earned 1,300 native trees thanks to the Paper4Trees Scheme.

We at MAC have earned 32 trees in 2016. We planted 16 and decided to carry over the other 16 to add to our 2017 earned trees and organise a school-wide planting event in 2018.

Keep up the good work with recycling!


16 more trees planted

Mount Aspiring College has earned 32 trees in 2016 thanks to our paper and cardboard recycling. We planted 16 on Friday lunchtime.


Thank you to the senior students who volunteered, to the trees sponsor Ziptrek Ecotours, to Te Kakano for growing them and to Paper4Trees for organising this scheme.

And Thank You everyone for recycling!

We will plant the other trees next year in a school wide event -we need 44 trees to have one per whanau for this event.

Tree planting time!

Thanks to our school’s paper recycling efforts this year, MAC has earned 31 native trees through the Paper For Trees scheme.  We will get an additional 13 trees kindly donated by Te Kakano nursery, so that all whanau groups at MAC can plant a tree again this year.


We will hold planting sessions during long whanau this Friday and next Friday.

  • On Friday 16th October (Week 1) from 8:35-9:00am all whanau from Pisa and Barker houses will plant a tree each whilst whanau in Roy and Iron houses complete a Team Green Quiz which we have made.
  • On Friday 23rd October (Week 2) during long whanau, Roy and Iron houses will be planting trees whilst Pisa and Barker whanau complete the quiz.

The quiz is a house competition.  And the winning whanau (most correct answers) will receive a prize.

Thank you to our sponsor Ziptrek!




Well done everyone for planting 44 trees!

44 trees has been planted in 2 hours by all MAC students in the past month. Thank you to the diggers, bucket carriers, and tablet holders and all helpers. We earned these trees because we recycled 8 tons of paper in 2011 and 2012.

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Thank you to Paper4Trees 

Getting money from companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint, they buy native trees and offer them to school to reward them for their recycling efforts.
Since Paper4trees first started in 2001, kiwi kids have recycled over 25,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard and planted over 100,000 native trees!

Thank you to Ziprek who sponsors our trees

Ziptrek is a Queenstown adventure activity that allows to ride tree-to-tree by flying foxes. It is famed for delivering an awareness and appreciation of the natural environment along with a good dollop of adrenaline.

Thank you to Te Kakano who provided the trees

Te Kakano is a local Trust whose aim is to maintain a successful community-based nursery for native habitat restoration projects. Tree planting sessions in the local public land are organised fortnightly. You too can volunteer and contribute to a better environment.

Tree Planting time!

The College has received 44 trees from our paper recycling efforts in 2011 and 2012 and they have just arrived. That is just one tree per whanau!
On Fridays morning during long whanau, students from each house will come on the field, in the same area as the tree planting in 2009:
16th Aug: Barker, behind rooms 20-21
23rd Aug: Iron, end of the field OP shed side
30th Aug: Pisa, corner of the field – primary school boundary
6th Sept/ 13th Sept: Roy, long field bank

Map tree planting

MAC Team Green students and the caretaker will bring the plants, tools and buckets and we will explain how to plant your tree.
Just turn up!
Thank you to Paper4Trees, Te Kakano and Ziptrek Ecotours for the trees!

End of term successes

Earth Hour

Friday Period 6 Earth Hour has been awesomely supported, with most lights out before we went around the college to do it. We had talked about Earth Hour in Assembly and showed everyone the 3 minutes clip and we put posters up throughout the school, so it worked well.

The records above are done with a Cent-a-meter in one of the college buildings, and do not reflect the whole school electricity consumption.

Tree planting

We received 19 trees from Te Kakano for last year paper recycling, as part as the Paper4Trees programme and planted them today in the college field, with the help of Andrew Penniket and Don. No photo sorry, our hands were dirty!