2017 Recycling

Here is the Cardboard and Paper recycling data for 2017:
We recycled 30 fadges of cardboard and 56 wheelie bins of paper.
In the Paper For Trees calculation, it translates as follows:
We earned 32 the previous year so that’s 2 trees more! Well done everyone for your recycling efforts.
A quick look at the skip shows that we can recycle more. Please be mindful when you discard paper or cardboard to put it in the correct recycling bin.
Last year, we decided to carry over 16 trees earned in 2016 to add to 2017 trees to organise a school wide event – we have 44 whanau so we need at least 44 trees.

We now have 48 trees to plant!

So we’ll organise a tree planting day during long whanau later in the year.

19 trees from paper!

This year, Wanaka Wastebusters has picked up 4 to 6 wheelie bins of paper per month from Mount Aspiring College.  They are 240 litre wheelie bins.

The weight of the contents can vary a lot depending on whether its shredded paper, loose  office paper or magazines/newspapers.

Roughly, the college is recycling  about 1-1.5 cubic metres of paper a month. 

Wastebuster also picks up 4 to 6 “fadges” of cardboard a month.  That equates to about  2 – 3 cubic metres.

This amount “earns” the college 19 trees this year through the Paper4Trees programme. It is a great incentive to encourage all the students to better recycle paper.

Mac Team Green keeps reminding students and staff to recycle paper and empty the paper bins into the large paper recycling bins.

There is still lots of paper in the “normal” bins, so we can do better.


Trees for paper!

We have just received 26 native trees for our efforts in paper recycling. 

Thank you to all the students and teachers who use our Paper Recycling bins.

A big thank to Paper4Trees who organises this scheme.

And a very big thank to Don who is going to plant the trees on our college’s grounds.

Donate trees

tree donate (clip art)We offer parents and community the opportunity to contribute to our 350 project. Please donate native or orchard trees appropriate to our climate and terrain to plant on Mount Aspiring College grounds on the 23rd October:

  • Kowhai
  • Mountain beech
  • Red beech
  • Broadleaf
  • Manuka
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Peach (local)

Please choose local and hardy varieties.

If you want to “follow” your tree, attach a label with your name on it. You will then find it in the plantation and be able to visit it to see how it grows!

Bring in to the college before Friday 23rd October.

 A BIG thank you in advance!

20 Trees from Paper!

Paper4TreesNZ_logoWe are so pleased we’ve just received 20 trees, as part of the Paper4Trees project. We will plant them on the college’s grounds on the 23rd October for the 350 MAC Tree Planting event.

We warmly thank:

  • EERST for creating this wonderful opportunity,
  • Jo Guest for setting it in MAC,
  • Wastebusters for collecting the paper bales,
  • the caretakers who have to follow-up, sorry !
  • and everybody who DOES put used paper in the Paper recycling boxes.

The Paper4Trees programme that was created by EERST in 2001 has planted over 22,000 trees to date. For every tonne of paper and cardboard that is recycled:

  • 13.5 trees are saved
  • 5000 litres of water are saved
  • The equivalent of 5.4 tonnes of C02 are not released

In 2008, we recycled 12 wheelie bins and 55 fadges, which corresponds to 20 trees.

We are still part of the programme in 2009, so we keep encouraging Paper Recycling in the college.