Brebner Bay Outlet

Last visit of the year to “our adopted outlet” as part as the Touchstone programme

We discuss that this drain is the stormwater runoff for a vast area, including zones currently in construction. We watch the drain water and observe how it contains silt that deposit in the bay. It also carries patches of white foam that will not disappear, a sign of detergent discharges.

And right in front of the drain, kids are having a bath. We also see dogs wandering, likely depositing dog poo near the water, hence fecal bacteria in the water.

What could we do to improve the situation?

We observe there is quite a large area around the drain. So instead of bringing all this runoff  water directly into the lake, the pipe could pour into a wetland that would naturally clean the water before it reaches the lake. Designing this wetland area will be our project for next year.

Primary schools students run 350 KM

Hawea Flat pupils running with their "350 Make a difference" banner (c) Simon WilliamsWell done to Upper Clutha Primary Schools who actually RUN 350 km to celebrate 350. Every year, Primary school of the area gather for their Athletic days. Yesterday, they added a 350 running event and reached their goal.

Wanaka Primary School pupils: 350 forever! (c) Simon Williams




.                     AWESOME EFFORT!