Water Monitoring

Team Green has “adopted” the Brebner Bay outlet as part of the Touchstone citizen lake monitoring project. We will take samples monthly and they will be analysed. We hope to have interesting stories to tell from the results.

Water Testing2




Measuring change

The Enviroschools Foundation would like to welcome us to register to the Enviroschools Measuring Change Tool at www.measuringchange.org.nz.
Once we’ve registered we can start collecting and uploading our Waste, Water, Energy and Landscapes data.
The information and resources in the Measuring Change tool will help us find out how sustainable these areas are and then track our improvements over time. The sooner we start to measure our change, the sooner we will have a full record of the progress that we’re making.
There are also great spot prizes for the first enviroschools to get their data in!

Are we in to start MEASURING OUR CHANGE ?