Canteen Deal

MAC canteen offers 50c off when you bring your own cup in the morning with your order for:

  • hot chocolate
  • hot chips
  • indian dahl

It doesn’t apply to other canteen goodies that do not require containers eg. pizzas, brownies etc.

We thank the canteen ladies who accepted to implement this deal and also manage all the cups for us!

By reducing packaging in the first place, we reduce litter, so it doesn’t go in the drains which reduce planet pollution.

Choose to refuse

Team Green at the Waste Free Fair during Plastic Free July

On Saturday 18th of July, Team Green members Hazel, Chloe, Lucia and her sister Cora, Lena, Lulu and I went to the Waste Free Fair at the Wanaka Center and hosted a stall. 

EarringsAt the Fair you can buy zero -waste products and learn a lot about living a waste free life. 

We sold homemade cards and feather earrings made out of recycled inner bike tubes.
Lucia sold beeswax wraps and hand sewn bags.
Hazel was also holding a stall and was selling bath bombs and cards.
Lena helped out around our three different stalls.
Our stalls were a great success! 

There were many stands and people, and we had a great time visiting all the different eco-friendly stalls.

There was chopping boards and cutlery made from wood, jewelry, hand sewn gloves and hats, soap, food, and so much more.

The surprising profit we all earned is being donated to a variation of helpful organisations such as WWF, Te Kakano and Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

We nearly sold everything, and we even got an order to make a pair of earrings!!

Waste Free Fair

Well done Team Green!


Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people around the world be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. From taking part in this, we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be a part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single use plastics?

Join us and take the pledge at

Mount Aspiring College Team Green has pledged to…


  • Plastic Free July pledgeBuy from bulk bins
  • Take reusable bags for produce
  • Use beeswax wraps or reusable containers
  • Homemade baking 
  • Be aware of what we buy
  • Use eco friendly
  • Do homebaking  
  • BYO cups 
  • Opt for metal and glass rather that plastic
  • Use shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce waste
  • Take your own container when buying meat


The team will be attending Wastebusters and Plastic Free Wanaka’s Waste Free fair.

Held at the Lake Wanaka Centre, from 1pm – 4pm on Sunday July 14. Free entry 

From Term 3, the canteen will be offering a 50 cts discount when you bring your own cup. 

We have also been working on a drain project, unclogging the school drains. From the first drain we worked on we found 167 pieces of rubbish with things including wrappers, chewing gum, squashed cans, straws and even scissors. 

Hence the campaign to reduce packaging to start with… We can make a difference!

Cleaning drains

Over the last couple of weeks, Team Green has been cleaning out the drains in the North Block of our school. 

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The amount of rubbish we found in the drains was frankly disgraceful. In just one drain we found 167 pieces of rubbish, some of which could be reused.  For instance, we found two scissors and two spoons, both in good condition. 

Our school community needs to reduce our waste. 

In order to protect our waterways, we placed two layers of mesh netting in the drains. This will prevent the rubbish from getting caught in our drains and creating more environmental damage. 

Our school’s goal should be to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. We can substitute our single-use plastic for more environmentally friendly options. As you can see in the picture above, several plastic straws and plastic packaging are displayed. Alternatively, we can replace these things with reusable items such as metal straws, beeswax wraps and keep cups to make our school grounds more environmentally friendly. 

Each individual can make changes to create a greener future. Every small change makes a big difference: replacing plastic bags with reusable ones, recycling what can be recycled, picking up litter, etc…

Litter for ONE day!!

Litter harvested on our school grounds in just ONE day!!


Recycling and Trees

Mount Aspiring College has participated in the Paper4Trees Scheme since 2008. Each year, we record the amount of paper and cardboard we recycle and earn trees from it. These trees are planted on the college ground in school-wide tree planting events.

In 2019, Wastebusters collected a total of 51 cardboard fadges and 97 wheelie bins full of paper. This earns us 28 trees. The previous year, we earnt 33 trees and we didn’t get them so we can now have 61 trees to plant. That’s enough to organise a school wide planting event with one tree per whanau (56).

A nice project for Team Green.


Join Team Green in 2020

Team Green is Mount Aspiring College Sustainability Club. 
Previous years, Team Green students have:
    •  established recycling in our school, 
    • installed solar panels, 
    • organised school-wide tree planting and climate marches, 
    • promoted Earth Hour, 
    • made MAC a fair-trade school 
    • and much more. 

Team Green Actions

MAC Team Green students have the opportunity to:
  • learn leadership skills and organise events, 
  • participate in conferences on the environment and field trips, 
  • meet politicians
  • and make a real difference for our school and the planet!
Open to all students, we meet every Thursdays lunchtime in the library.
We need many committed hands to help the planet continue to sustain us!
Join Team Green

Climate Action Posters Winners

Team Green students thank all the Year 7 and 8 participants to our poster competition. There are lots of really good things to do to help the planet and you know it!

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Here are the winners (it was hard to choose!)

Year 7 

Group poster: Aria Winter and Kiana Babbington

Individual poster: Pieta Craig

Spot Prize: Sam Beale, Ryan Coupe, Louie Hose and Hugh Ragg

Year 8

Group poster: Henry Bowering and Noah Vincenzi-Johnson

Individual Poster: Caspar Waddington

Spot Prize and best overall: Noa Hunter and Alexis-Sofia Harvey-Wills

Congratulations for your beautiful and thoughtful contributions. 

Team Green will use these posters to promote Climate Action throughout the college.

Climate Action Poster Competition

Team Green is organising a Climate Action poster competition for Year 7 and 8 students, in group or individually.

Each poster must:
1- show actual action that each of us can take for the climate
2- being beautiful and effective

We have put lots of examples of what each of us can do for the climate in the notices throughout the year.
To Win: 
– swimming pool vouchers,
ice-cream vouchers and
– fairtrade chocolate blocks
Deadline: Wednesday 13th November (bring your poster to the library)
Winners will be announced in Year Levels the following week.

ONE SUMMIT Re-Generation event

On Friday, 5 Team Green Students participated in the Re-Generation event.

We first went to Mount Iron and observed mosses and lichen, learnt about Mount Iron formation, traps and even got a chance to play with cute ferrets.

Thank you to KCC, Forest and Bird, Wanaka Backyard Trapping and Phoenix Kennels.

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Then we visited Bullock Creek and learn about fish, fresh water, the importance of wetland and how to protect water -by planting trees.

We finished the afternoon at Waterfall Creek. Details to come soon…

Thank you to ONE New Zealand, Kiwi Conversation Club, Forest and Bird, Wanaka Backyard Trapping,  Phoenix Kennels and Sustainable Coastlines.