Planting at Camphill Rd

Native Planting at Camp Hill Rd – article written by Dani Maguire, Year 7

On Wednesday 6 June 2021, a small group of Team Green students participated in a planting by the Wave on the Hawea river.

Around 50 native trees and shrubs in total were planted by MAC staff member Andrea Woolley and MAC Students in the Community (SIC) in recent weeks.

Eleven students from Team Green and two students from Students in the Community spent an hour mulching plants, weeding, and planting another area with natives.

Mount Aspiring College got involved with the Hawea Wave Car Park project at the Camphill Bridge three years ago. In that time over 400 plants have been planted, weeded, mulched, protected from rabbits and cared for by MAC Students in the Community, ILC students, OP students and more recently Team Green students.We have been provided funding from Wild Wire and Paper for Trees to put towards purchasing plants, which has been greatly appreciated. Tree Tamers kindly donated mulch.The main goal was to have, in a few years time, a fully grown native garden growing by the carpark. This will beautify the space and encourage the native birds to the area,” says Andrea.

OUR PLACE success!

TEAM GREEN AT OUR PLACEarticle by Nico Pettit, Year 8.

Team Green was part of OUR PLACE at the Wanaka A&P show where we promoted active transport, recycling and waste reduction.

We organised free activities at two stalls and had a waste free lunchbox display!

At one stall you could make your own free upcycled earrings out of inner tubes from bikes and Team Green supplied hooks, tubes, and nail polish to decorate the earrings and we taught everyone how to make a nice feather shape for an earring! Many beautiful feather earrings were made, you might see them being worn around town or at school!

The other stall had two pedal powered juice bikes, where you could pedal to power the attached blender to make your own slushy!

Lots of people visited us, including our principal Mrs Jacobsen, our deputy principal Mr Sheppard and our head student Meg, who cycled for their freshly whizzed cordial and mint slushy!

Of course we were really popular with all the children too!

It was a big weekend and we were pretty tired after manning our stall for two days!

A big thank you goes to Wanaka Show for the free site, New World Wanaka for their kind $100 donation towards our stall, Matt Quirk from Good Rotations for the juice bike and the Bead Shop Queenstown for donating the earring hooks!

We could not have done it without you.

Ka Pai! Team Green.

MAC Team Green at the A&P Show – OUR PLACE

OUR PLACE is your place too! A group of community-based organisations are coming together to create a space of interactive and fun learning for all ages to show how land, water, flora, fauna, climate, and us humans, are all connected.

We will be at this year’s Wanaka A&P Show – 12&13th March – under the banner of ‘OUR PLACE‘ and would like to thank the show for their support. 👏

Come and find us between Gates 5 & 6 behind the President’s Ring.

We look forward to creating a fun family friendly interactive space with lots of activities and can’t wait to see you there!

Find out more about who’s involved: WAI Wanaka, Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust, Grow Wanaka, WAO – We Are One, SUCfree Wanaka, Friends of Bullock Creek, Mac Team Green, Kahu Youth Trust, Central Otago Lakes Kiwi Conservation Club and Otago Museum.

MAC Team Green at the Community Gardens

Last year some of our Team Green students alongside many other volunteers helped to set up the new planter boxes at the LINK Community Gardens. Lots of hard work went into filling the planter boxes with soil to get them ready for the planting season. Thank you to Hazel, Lulu, Nico and Lucia and everyone else for your hard work on the day and thank you Kathy Dedo for the lovely nibbles and drinks afterwards.…/

How to make your own upcycled bike inner tube earrings

Team Green has been making and selling earrings for a while now, with the proceeds going towards different projects Team Green is working on. Here are our instructions on how to make your own earrings!


MATERIAL: Scissors, old bicycle inner tubes, earring hooks (can be bought at a bead shop or online), pliers, needle.


Cut the tube open near the valve and then cut straight down the middle of the entire tube. Then cut the tube into smaller pieces.

Cut out a feather /teardrop/leaf shape (you can use a template or cut freehand).

Use scissors to cut your feather design. 

Use a needle to make a tiny insert at the top of the feather and insert the earring hooks into the hole (you might have to use pliers).

You can use nailpolish or acrylic paint to give your earring some colour!

Voilà !!!

Recycling station

For many years, there has been paper and recycling bins throughout the college and they are better used, thank you!

Team Green also organizes recycling for :

  • old phones with the Re-Mobile scheme
  • old pens, felt pens, markers and correction fluid bottles with Just Zilch
  • used toothbrushes, empty floss boxes and toothpaste tubes and associated packaging with Terracycle

Bring them to the library collection point. We’ll send everything at the end of the year.

WAO events – free for students

The Reset Summit 2020 is a six day annual event held in the Southern Lakes District. Its aim is to educate, inspire and enable our transition as a community and nation to a healthy, thriving, diverse, carbon zero community.  

All events are FREE for students, thanks to Kahu Youth sponsorship.

Of particular interest:

The Story of Plastic on Wednesday 28th October 2020, 6.30pm – 9pm

Urban foraging workshop – find edible plants in a local park Sunday 1st November (morning)

And of course the Well-being RESET fair where Team Green will have a stall.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Tree planting season

We have received 56 trees to plant on our school grounds, thanks to our recycling efforts via the Paper4Trees scheme and our local sponsor Ziptrek.

Ready to be planted!

The planting will happen during whanau in the morning, the last week of the term as follow:

  • Tuesday 22nd September Iron
  • Wednesday 23 Sept Pisa
  • Thursday 24 Sept Roy
  • Friday 25 Barker

On that day, we invite all the whanaus of that house to meet at the circled area to get tools, instructions and a tree.

Beyond Team Green

Great recycling culture in our school!

Here is a sign by art students to signal the recycling area and a poem by our college caretaker. Wonderful!Awesome wall

There was a recycling area and near it a wall
People walked past, not interested at all
One day someone thought they could change all that 
He knew a good teacher and they had a chat 
A board was sourced and designs were abound 
The next stage took place and some students were found 
They toiled and painted and made a design
Now it sits on the wall in the golden sunshine
As for the wall, people still just walk past 
But now they see art and they say “That’s a blast”

Beeswax food wraps workshops

From our drain cleaning project, we have found substanBeeswax workshoptial amounts of litter and waste in our school drains which has been an eye opening and shocking discovery.

From this, we have taken the initiative of reducing litter in the school. We have thus negotiated a Canteen deal to reduce single use cup. Then, where we are running a series of lunchtime workshops for students and teachers at school.

These workshops teach you how to make your own reusable, sustainable beeswax wraps (Wastebuster’s Instructions) which can then be taken home and used in your lunch box all for free.

We had our first workshop with the year 13’s which was a huge success and we plan on running workshops on the two following Monday lunches. It would be awesome to see as many of you there as using beeswax wraps not only reduces the waste around our school but also minimizes our environmental footprint.

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Thank you to:

  • Wastebusters for providing fabric, all the necessary tools, knowledge
  • Food tech department for allowing us to use the space
  • Adam Horan and Pete Rutherford for gifting beeswax
  • And Team Green students of course for contributing, donating, cutting, writing and doing! Great work!